Bachelor of Agro-Technology Degree Program

The University of Colombo Institute of Agro-Technology and Rural Sciences (UCIARS) was established as an Institute with blended distance mode of teaching to provide opportunities of higher education to farming community across barriers of age, space, time, and academic backgrounds. The establishment of this Institute heralded an era of affirmative action on the part of the Government of Sri Lanka to uplift farming in Sri Lanka as a prestigious occupation through arming the farming community with modern knowledge and information technology.

Cafeteria facilities

University provides healthy and highly subsidized Cafeteria facilities for students. The university has Canteen committees comprising of academic staff, non-academic staff and students to oversee the quality of the services provided. Suppliers for Canteen operation are selected by open tender and competitive prices are selected. The Public Health Inspector, University Medical Officer and the student welfare committee visit canteens to check the maintenance of the canteens. Periodical renovations are being taken place to ensure a healthy environment.

During lockdown periods, due to the Covid-19 pandemic food was provided to the students who were staying in the hostels by the security forces. It was ensured that these students received healthy hygienic food.