Deriving its heritage from the Ceylon Medical School which was established in 1870 and the Ceylon University College which was established in 1921, the University of Colombo is a sprawling complex located in the heart of the capital city of Colombo, Sri Lanka.

In keeping with its motto “Buddhi Sarvathra Bhrajate”, the Sanskrit verse for “Wisdom Enlightens”, the University of Colombo strives to maintain academic excellence in all areas of study. The University of Colombo has nine (9) Faculties with fifty-five (55) Academic Departments, a Campus, a School, six (6) Institutes and several Centres and Units. Many undergraduate and postgraduate study courses in the fields of Arts, Science, Medicine, Management, Law, Education, IT, Aesthetic Studies, and Molecular Biology. etc are conducted by the University. In addition, the University also offers several other services, such as library services, career guidance, staff development, and services for differently-abled students.

Student life is enhanced by a plethora of extra-curricular activities offered on campus. The well-developed playground and the modern gymnasium offer sportsmen and women the opportunity to exploit and develop their abilities to the fullest. The New Arts Theatre is often the arena for spotlighting the dramatic/musical/ aesthetic talents of our student population.

Today, the University of Colombo has a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic student and staff population, fostering social harmony, cultural diversity, equal opportunity and unity and with a proud history of over one hundred and forty-six years continues in its endeavour to meet the challenge of maintaining its position as the University with a Modern and International Outlook. The strategic location of the University offers a completive advantage by delivering a value proposition for its stakeholders being the “metropolitan university”. Its central location in the commercial capital city of Sri Lanka provides easy access to a wide range of cultural, entertainment and business facilities for both local and international community. The University of Colombo has also gained international recognition as it is ranked 45th in South Asia, and number 1 in Sri Lanka.