Only Students who have valid registration of the University of Colombo are entitled to enjoy all facilities provided to them by the University.  They will normally be allowed access to and be permitted to remain within the University premises between 7.30 a.m. and 7.00 p.m. during working days and up to 8.00 p.m. when Libraries are open. No student may remain in university premises after the closure of the library without permission from the relevant authorities.  Such permission is obtained through the Senior Student Counsellor Office.


Every student of the University of Colombo will be given a University Identity Card. This issued by the Marshall Office of the University of Colombo.


The Student Counsellors’ Office provides services to advice students to resolve their psychological, academic, and personal problems. Trained Advisers/Counsellors (both male and female) have been appointed to provide this service during the working days. All information is kept confidential. You can meet the psychiatrist, psychologist, or psychology advisers on the dates available at the Student Counsellors’ Office

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Conditions: An Interest-Free Loan facility up to Rs. 75,000/- is offered for the University Undergraduates to purchase Laptop Computers, in accordance with the Budget Proposals – 2016. The students who wish to utilize this facility should submit the following correspondence with a duly filled application.

  1. A quotation
    1. Should be obtained from the following companies recommended by the Ministry of Higher Education (Should be issued under a letterhead with signature and the official seal).
      • Abans
      • Metropolitan
      • Softlogic
      • Singer
      • E-wis
      • Singhagiri
    2. The following features should be mentioned in the quotation.
      • Model of the laptop
      • Processor (Minimum Core i3, 9th Generation)
      • Memory Ram (Minimum 4 GB DDR4)
      • Hard Disk (Minimum 500GB)
      • Warranty (3 years comprehensive warranty)
      • All-inclusive Selling Price
  2. A letter from the DR/SAR/AR of relevant faculties certifying the studentship.

A duly filled application with the above documents should be forwarded to the Student & Staff Affairs Branch for the recommendation of the Assistant Registrar (

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