The Academic & Publications Branch is responsible for procedures related to matters such as publications by the academic establishment, the collection of data and the compilation of University statistics, as well as registration related proceedings of several postgraduate programs of the University


The Strategic Plan is a rolling plan effective for a period of five years.

Features of the Strategic Plan

  • The Vision and Mission statements and Objectives
  • The Corporate Structure
  • Strengths and weaknesses in the organization and the external threats and opportunities (SWOT)
  • Goals, Objectives, Strategies and Activities, with performance indicators and performance targets
  • The Financial Plan

The Action Plan is based on the Corporate Plan (Strategic Plan) which has the Goals, Objectives, Strategies, and Activities, together with the parties responsible for each activity, the estimated budget, and the quarter of the current year during which each activity will be implemented. The Progress Report provides the progress of the past year according to the last Strategic Plan’s activities.


Strategic Plan 2023 – 2027


Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025


Strategic Plan 2020 – 2024


Strategic Plan 2019 – 2023


Strategic Plan 2018 – 2022


Strategic Plan 2017 – 2021


Strategic Plan 2013 – 2017


The Annual Report helps the stakeholders and the general public draw useful conclusions about operations, prospects and the financial viability of the University. The Annual Report provides a snapshot view of the performance of the enterprise in the past year. It is absolutely essential that it should be prepared in a timely manner, with all relevant disclosures that would enable the public to form a judgment on the performance and future prospects of the enterprise.

The preparation and submission of the Annual Report to the Parliament is a statutory requirement.

Annual Report 2021 සිංහල (PDF 67.8 Mb) | தமிழ் (PDF 74.9 Mb) | English (PDF 62.5 Mb)
Annual Report 2020 සිංහල (PDF 16.4 Mb) | தமிழ் (PDF 12.7 Mb) | English (PDF 6.2 Mb) | Integrated version – English (PDF 1.6 Mb)
Annual Report 2019  සිංහල (PDF 10.1 Mb) | தமிழ் (PDF 6 Mb) | English (PDF 8.4 Mb)
Annual Report 2018  සිංහල | தமிழ் | English
Annual Report 2017  සිංහල | தமிழ் | English
Annual Report 2016  සිංහල | தமிழ் | English
Annual Report 2015  සිංහල | தமிழ் | English
Annual Report 2011  සිංහල | தமிழ் | English
Annual Report 2010  සිංහල | தமிழ் | English
Annual Report 2008  සිංහල | தமிழ் | English
Annual Report 2005  English

Financial Conflict of Interest Policy
Disclosing Significant Financial Interests for Investigators

This book comprises the Information related to the Campus, Faculties, Institutes & Schools attached to the University of Colombo. It includes information regarding Undergraduate and Postgraduate student enrollment and Academic & Non-Academic Staff details of the University.

Annual Research Symposium

The Research Symposium of the University of Colombo is a unique event in the calendar of the University. The Annual Research Symposium was initiated as a regular event in 2008. The main objective of the Annual Research Symposium is to disseminate new knowledge acquired through research conducted by the academic community of the University. The Symposium also promotes healthy interaction between the Faculties and Institutes of the University of Colombo. Each year the abstracts of papers presented at this Symposium is published as ‘Proceedings of the Symposium”. This represents the bulk of the research work carried out in the University in that particular year. Read more..


Senate Meeting

Senate Meeting of the University of Colombo is held on the last Wednesday of every month.


Legislation Committee

The Legislation Committee looks into the Legal aspects of the By-Laws and prospectus of various academic programs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and the extension programmes of the University, The Campus the institutes and the School referred to it by the Senate and makes its recommendations to the Council for its approval. The Legislation Committee also considers the By-Laws and constitutions of the Centres and Societies and makes its recommendation to the Council for its approval. The Directors of the Institutes/School and the Co-ordinators of the programmes could attend the meetings on an invitation when matters relevant to them are considered by the Committee. The Legislation Committee meets once a month.


Professor HD Karunaratne Vice Chancellor
Dr Prathiba Mahanamahewa Rector, Sri Palee Campus
Professor AA Azeez Dean/Faculty of Graduate Studies
Professor Lasantha Manawadu Dean/Faculty of Arts
Dr LM Kapila Bandara Dean/Faculty of Education
Professor PK Perera Dean/Faculty of Indigenous Medicine
Professor NS Punchihewa Dean/Faculty of Law
Professor MPP Dharmadasa Dean/Faculty of Management & Finance
Professor Vidya Jothi Vajira HW Dissanayake Dean/Faculty of Medicine
Professor Upul Sonnadara Dean/Faculty of Science
Professor SSP Warnakulasuriya Dean/Faculty of Nursing
Professor RUK Piyadasa Dean/Faculty of Technology
Mrs Indrani Weeratunga Council Member
Mrs Manohari Ramanathan Council Member
Ms Vajira Hapuhinna Jayaratne Acting Registrar
Mrs Rangika Kondaragama Senior Assistant Registrar/Legal & Documentation Branch
Mr SM Shifar Assistant Registrar/Academic & Publications Branch

Research & Development Committee

The Research and Development Committee engages in the evaluation of research projects submitted by academics of the University, provides support for the development and implementation of the University’s research, research grants and research conferences and any other matters pertaining to research. The Research & Development Committee meets on the second Tuesday of every month.

Types of Research Grants offered by the University,

  1. University Research Grants
  2. University Travel Grants
  3. Foreign PhD Grants
  4. Reimbursement of publication fees

CQA Standing Committee of the Senate

The meetings of the Standing Committee of the Senate of the Center for Quality Assurance (CQA) are included in the University Calendar and the Committee is scheduled to meet once a month. The monthly progress of the QA cells in each Faculty/Institute is reported at the meeting of the CQA Standing Committee of the Senate. The progress of the CQA is reported to the Senate by the Director of the CQA.

Read more

Student Registration

We are in charge of registration-related proceedings of postgraduate courses for faculties. Prospective students are invited to contact us to obtain updated information about Postgraduate Courses.

Doctor of Philosophy – By Research All Departments
Master of Philosophy – By Research All Departments
Master of Arts – By Research All Departments
Master of Arts Qualifying (MAQ) – By Research All Departments
Master of Arts in Demography Demography
MPhil Degree in Economics leading to PhD Economics
Masters in Tourism Economics and Hotel Management Economics
Masters in Financial Economics Economics
Masters in Economics Economics
Postgraduate Diploma in Economics Development Economics
Postgraduate Diploma (Leading to Masters) in Tourism Ecomonics and Hotel Management Economics
Executive Diploma in Business and Financial Economics Economics
Diploma in Travel Tourism Economics and Hotel Management Economics
Diploma in Microfinance Economics
Master of Arts in English Studies English
Postgraduate Diploma in Environment and Regional Development Geography
Master of Arts in International Relations International Relations
Diploma in Journalism Journalism Unit
Masters in Buddhist Studies Buddhist Studies
Postgraduate Diploma in Buddhist Studies Buddhist Studies
Master of Arts in Sinhala Sinhala
Diploma in Sinhala Sinhala
Masters in Sociology Sociology
Master of Arts in Sociology Sociology
Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Sociology Sociology


Doctor of Philosophy
Master of Philosophy
Master of Education (TESOL) Humanities Education
Master of Education (Educational Management) Social Science Education
Master of Education (General) Social Science Education
Master of Education (Educational and Development Psychology) Educational Psychology
Master of Education (Science Education) Science & Technology Education
Postgraduate Diploma TESL Humanities Education
Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Teaching of Drama and Teatre) Humanities Education
Postgraduate Diploma (Week End) Science & Technology Education
Postgraduate Diploma (Week End) English Medium Educational Psychology
Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Full time) Social Science Education
Postgraduate Diploma in Community Development Social Science Education
Postgraduate Diploma in Counseling Educational Psychology
Doctor of Philosophy
Master of Philosophy
M.Sc. in Analytical Chemistry Chemistry
M.Sc. in Applied Organic Chemistry Chemistry
M.Sc. in Chemistry Education Chemistry
M.Sc. in Industrial Chemistry Chemistry
M.Sc. in Applied Electronics Physics
M.Sc. in Physics Education Physics
M.Sc. in Atmospheric Physics Dynamical Meteorology & Natural Disaster Preparedness Physics
M.Sc. in Environment Science Zoology
M.Sc. in Plant Cell & Tissue Culture Plant Sciences
M.Sc. in Agriculture Microbiology Plant Sciences
M.Sc. in Plant Pathology Plant Sciences
M.Sc. in Medical Physics Nuclear Science
M.Sc. in Nuclear Science Nuclear Science
M.Sc. in Applied Statistics Statistics
M.Sc. in Financial Mathematics Mathematics
M.Sc. in Mathematics Education Mathematics
Postgraduate Diploma in Environment Management (PgDEM) Zoology and Environment Sciences
Diploma in Corporate Finance Mathematics
Diploma in Chemical Analysis Chemistry
Diploma in Biodiversity Management Zoology and Plant Sciences
Diploma in Microbiology Techniques Plant Science
Diploma in Radiation Protection Nuclear Science
Certificate in Bioinformatics (online) Plant Science

Assistant Registrar
Mr. S.M. Shifar
Telephone and Fax: +94 112 586712 | Ext: 7096