The University of Colombo, founded in 1921, is Sri Lanka’s oldest Higher Education Institution. In keeping with its motto बुद्धिः शर्वत्र भ्रजते (Buddhi Sarvathra Bhrajate), translated from Sanskrit as “Wisdom Enlightens”, the University of Colombo continually strives to maintain academic excellence in all fields of study. The University is organized across 10 Faculties and 68 academic departments within faculties, along with 6 Institutes, a Campus, a School, and 20+ Centres & Units.

Located primarily in the Colombo metropolitan region, the University of Colombo is structured as a state institution which provides access to higher education across the country. The main campus is sited in the heart of Colombo, on a sprawling 50-acre estate, and comprises contemporary urban constructions, as well as old colonial architecture, considered national heritage sites.

The pioneer Medical Faculty in Sri Lanka, the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo celebrated its 150th Anniversary in 2020, while the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Education of the University of Colombo are the only such stand aloneFaculties that are dedicated to these fields of study in the state-run, free education system of Sri Lanka. The University is a proud member of the Asian Universities Alliance of which the Executive Presidency for the period 2019-2020 is held by the University of Colombo.

In addition to a large and diverse academic portfolio, the University of Colombo also offers library services, career guidance, sports, student societies, and accommodation on campus. Other facilities include an arts theatre where students can showcase their skills in performing arts.

The University prides itself on being a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic institution that emphasizes values of social harmony, cultural diversity, equal opportunity and unity among its staff and students. Several scholarships are available for international students, and the University boasts a number of academic partnerships with overseas universities, including Uppsala University in Sweden, Justus Liebig University in Germany, University of Copenhagen in Denmark, University of Heidelberg in Germany, University of Zurich in Switzerland, Chartered Institute in Management Accounting (CIMA) in the United Kingdom, Western Sydney University in Australia, Queensland University in Australia and University of Granada in Spain.

The University of Colombo actively engages in improving student life in numerous ways to supplement academic learning. Over the years, the University has built strong links with the industry in order to enhance the value of the education we provide. Similarly, the sports facilities provided by the university encourage the students to balance academics and social life, and many national and international achievements are recorded by our students every year in the sports arena.




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Indigenous Medicine


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The Sri Palee Campus  which was established in 1996 as the Western Campus subsequently changed its name to the Sri Palee Campus and was affiliated to the University in September 1998 under the Universities Act No.16 of 1978. This Campus is located at Wewala, Horana in a 32 acre land


University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC) was established by merging The Institute of Computer Technology (ICT Ordinance 1987.09.21) and The Department of Computer Science both of the University of Colombo, as the first centre of higher learning of computing in Sri Lanka


University of Colombo library network consists of the Main Library and faculty libraries. The Library, Faculty of Medicine is at Kynsey Road and the Library, Faculty of Science is at Thurstan Road. The Central Library is situated in a five storied building between the Law Faculty Building Complex and the Arts Faculty Building Complex.