Center for Gender Equality (CGE)


Center for Gender Equality (CGE) at the University of Colombo is dedicated to promote harmony, cooperation, and mutual respect between men and women in the university; academic and non-academic staff and the students. Established under the directives of the University of Grants Commission (UGC) and the preview of the UGC Standing Committee on Gender Equity/Equality in Higher Education, the University of Colombo CGE engages in ensuring that a conducive, gender-just working and learning environment exist for all members of the University.

Within the broader concept of ensuring gender equity and equality at the University of Colombo, the CGE will

  1. Create awareness among the University Community on gender-related concepts and matters
  2. Identify ways and means to prevent gender inequality, inequity, and gender-based violence at the University of Colombo
  3. Empower the university community to prevent and respond to gender inequality, inequity, and gender-based violence
  4. Maintain a resource base on gender and sexual and gender-based violence
  5. Monitor and make suggestions to improve gender equality, equity and create a safe environment devoid of gender-based violence in the university
  6. Receive complaints and assisting the university in solving complaints related to gender inequality, inequity, and gender-based violence

These activities will be carried out through a Steering committee consisting of members representing all the faculties, campuses and institutes of the University of Colombo.

What is the difference between gender equity and gender equality. What does this have to do with violence against women?

Application to enroll as a volunteer to the Centre for Gender Equality

Faculty of Arts Dr Janaki Jayawardene
Dr Jagath Bandara Pathirage
Dr P. Pavithra U. Jayawardena
Faculty of Education Mr UG Chandrajith
Ms TWV Indigahawela
Faculty of Graduate Studies Dr Pradeep Weerasinghe
Faculty of Management & Finance Mr RYH De Alwis Seneviratn
Faculty of Medicine Dr Prabodana Ranaweera
Dr Chathuri Gunasekara
Faculty of Nursing Dr G Kisokanth
Dr AI Kamaladasa
Faculty of Science Professor Deepthi Wickramasinghe
Dr Neranga Abeysinghe
Faculty of Technology Dr Jayani Wewelwala
Dr Udara Muthugala
Sri Palee Campus Ms D.D.N.N. Dissanayake
Mr M.D.N.D.M.Bandara
University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC) Dr Lasanthi De Silva
Dr. Randil Pushpananda
Institute of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology & Biotechnology (IBMBB) Professor Nimal Punyasiri
Dr Sudeshini Hewage
National Institute of Library & Information Sciences (NILIS) Ms Sajeewani Wedisinghe

The University of Colombo Policy against Sexual harassment and Procedural steps for enforcement under section 3.1 requires that a committee of 10 members be appointed as a committee of inquiry on sexual harassment (CISH) by the Council of the University of Colombo. CISH will serve as a pool of inquiring officers from which members (generally 3) can be selected as and when a complaint is received.

Accordingly, the following individuals are appointed as members of the CISH.

  1. Dr Ramani Jayasundara – External member
  2. Dr Wijaya Jayathilake – External member
  3. Former professor Ramani Jayathilaka – External member
  4. Professor Jean Perera – Professor, Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, Faculty of Medicine
  5. Professor Neloufer De Mel – Professor. Department of English, Faculty of Arts
  6. Mr H.A. Menaka Harankaha – Senior Lecturer – Department of Commercial Law, Faculty of Law
  7. Professor Pavithra Kailasapathy – Professor, Department of HRM, Faculty of Management and Finance
  8. Dr M.N. Kaumal – Senior Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science
  9. Mr M.A.M. Hakeem – Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law
  10. Professor Amala De silva – Professor, Department of Economics, Faculty of Arts


Legal Reform to Combat Sexual and Gender-Based Violence | Vitriolage (Acid Attacks)

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