The University of Colombo, in accordance with its commitment to promote, safeguard and increase the knowledge and scholarship in the fields of social sciences and the humanities and science and technology, established the “Center for Research and Development” [CRD] in 2016 through a by-law approved by the Senate and the Council of the University of Colombo. The aim of establishing the Centre was to centralise research, promote creativity and innovations of the University of Colombo, and to uphold the academic freedom while respecting autonomy, research ethics and integration of the University of Colombo. Being a pioneering university of Sri Lanka in the promotion of modern higher education, its commitment to invest in research and showcase innovation are important priorities.

The University of Colombo established the Centre for Research & Development with the sole purpose of enabling growth and productivity of society, both locally and globally, through a connected view of research and scholarship. The Center facilitates prioritization in research, training in research, conduct of research, dissemination of research while ensuring the maintenance of academic integrity and ethics in research. The (RDC) encourages the academic community of the University of Colombo to develop an ethos of continued learning and to foster a high level of expertise, with the provision of necessary tools for high performance and output in research.


To develop a research culture in the University of Colombo that enable recognition as a creative and innovative seat of learning stimulating research, learning competencies and skills of academic community.


Strengthening and enhancing the research culture of the university of Colombo through quality training, research and service.


  1. To encourage partnership with local, regional and global researchers, research groups or institutions of research excellence
  2. To integrate a transparent research administration with infrastructure development, fund management, efficient processes and services
  3. To establish infrastructure and human resource to support for research at the University
  4. To conduct awareness and training programmes to promote scholarly affiliations of academic and research staff of the University with other Universities at national, regional and international levels
  5. To facilitate training in research methodology and ethics
  6. To conduct workshops and training sessions on presentation of research findings and data for promoting scientific publications, exhibits, oral communications and reports.
  7. To conduct regular journal clubs to promote scientific communication and critical thinking.
  8. To establish mentoring programmes for junior academics
  9. To encourage and support academics of the University in scientific innovations, patenting, and protection of intellectual property rights a
  10. To facilitate funding for research through public private partnerships and international collaborations.
  11. To create an enabling environment within the University for research through active engagement, capacity building and workshops to create attitudinal changes amongst university staff, students, the relevant non-academic and support staff who play a supportive role for successful research programmes.
  12. To engage and promote activities which facilitate and enhance research in the University.
  13. To coordinate progress monitoring system to support researchers.
  14. To identify funding opportunities for research projects and disseminate information of sources of funding to the University research community.
  15. To aid in submitting grant applications for research projects.



Dr. Janaki Jayawardena
Founder Director
Centre for Research and Development



Center of Research and Development (CRD)
College House
Cumaratunga Munidasa Mawatha
University of Colombo
Sri Lanka