Academic collaboration with the UN related institutions on poverty alleviation

Involvement of academics in poverty eradication policies and programs in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme.

Financial supporting Schemes and other facilities

University as well as the government provide several financial support schemes to university students. University of Colombo provides Free Hostels (accommodation)/ Free Medical Support/ Free Sports facilities/ Subsidized transportation schemes to the students along with the Mahapola Scholarship scheme and the Bursary.

Aiding in the local community/supporting the start-up of financially and socially sustainable businesses through relevant education or resources

Tissue Culture/ Banana cultivation workshop for officers in the Department of Agriculture, Northern Province, Sri Lanka conducted by UCIARS and all the Awareness Programmes conducted by the University of Colombo Institute for Agro Technology and Rural Sciences(UCIARS).

Introducing Community Development Projects to uplift the livelihoods of local communities

The Faculty of Management and Finance offers a Community Development Project as a core course in its Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree program since 2013. Overmore than eight years, student teams have performed various projects across the country to uplift the lives of various communities in Sri Lanka. These projects demonstrate the knowledge, skills and competencies and attitudes of students as socially responsible citizens.

UCIARS provides training for farmers and students who wish to get involved in agriculture while providing additional funding.