• Bachelor of Agro-Technology Degree consists of training on good water management in Agriculture for farming community, Under the UNDP funded project Lot 1 – Irrigation and water Management public education and training programs about good water management are being conducted.
  • The UCIARS has a reservoir to collect off water coming from the paddy fields (drainage water).
  • Under the UNDP funded project Lot 1 – Irrigation and water Management the Local Authority Level, Provincial Level and National Level Governance bodies were cooperated to conduct the Training Needs Assessment on Irrigation, Water Management and Water secured agriculture in Dry Zone of Sri Lanka.
  • Sewage treatment plants have been implemented in the Faculty of Management & Finance and the Faculty of Technology. Rainwater harvesting Project in Faculty of Graduate Studies.
  • The university has taken all the steps to increase awareness of conscious water consumption via online platforms, posters, etc.
  • University conducts several projects, webinars and activities on water conservation.
  • Application of double layer of standard waterproofing method had been done to the water sump at the construction stage to prevent contamination with external polluted water at the University of Colombo School of Computing. Proper mechanisms to discard and treat wastewater are being used by all the other Faculties/ Institutes/ Campus (dilute and discharge the wastewater into wastewater canals as per the Colombo Municipal Council`s (CMC) standards).