General Convocation 2022

General Convocation 2022

The University of Colombo conducted its General Convocation 2022 at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall on the 05th and 06th of September of 2023 under the patronage of the Venerable Chancellor Sasana Keerthi Sri Buddha Sasana Shobhana Venerable Muruththettuwe Ananda Nayaka Thero, with the presence of the Vice Chancellor- Senior Professor (Chair) H.D. Karunaratne, Rector, Deans, Directors of the Institutes, Registrar, Bursar, Acting Librarian, Academic Staff, Administrative and Finance Officers.
A total of 3151 students were conferred degrees at this Convocation in various study disciplines including Medicine, Health Studies, Science, Law, Arts, Management, Bio-Systems Technology, Engineering Technology, Environmental Technology, Nursing, ICT, Agro Technology & Rural Sciences, Education, Labour Education, Physiotherapy, Mass Media, Performing Arts and Indigenous Medicine at this most prestigious academic event of the University of Colombo.
The Convocation started with session one on the 05th of September 2023 for the Faculty of Management & Finance followed by the Faculties of Arts (General Degree) Education and IHRA in session two and the Faculty of Arts ( Honours Degree) and Institute Agro-Technology and Rural Sciences on the session Three.
On the 06th of September 2023 started with session Four for the Faculties of Medicine and Technology. Session Five was for the Faculties of Law, Indigenous Medicine and Nursing. Session Six of the 06th of September was for the Sri Palee Campus and the University of Colombo School of Computing. Session seven was for the Faculty of Science. Open Awards 2022 were awarded at the last session on the 06th of September 2023. Fifty-two (52) numbers of University of Colombo Academic Excellence Awards were also awarded at this Convocation.

Message from the Chancellor

විද්‍යා දාතති විනයන් “Learning provides discipline”
To conquer tomorrow’s world, we must educate ourselves today, to be intelligent with knowledge, be creative with skill, be optimistic with attitude and be disciplined as virtuous human beings. Being the incumbent Chancellor of Sri Lanka’s oldest and largest University has given me great honour and respect in joining with you, the graduates of 2023. This Degree awarded ceremony to you today is a historic occasion. Colombo University which was inaugurated in 1921 had held its first Degree awarding Ceremony in the year 1923. In 2023 we are holding the centennial graduation ceremony. You, who are the pride of the century, are the most fortunate ones in the true sense of the word.
“බුද්ධිය සැම තැන බැබලේ – බුද්ධි ස්වාර්ත්‍ර බ්‍රජතේ”
“Education gives us humbleness” is the motto of the University. Therefore, no doubt you will be one of the main dependent factors which will move towards brightening our country with future intelligence as you are the custodians of the modern country. Thus, first of all, you should be disciplined citizens and it is my sincere belief that you will understand the importance of acting with responsibility and accountability.
The struggle you are experiencing today could be explained as developing the strength you need for tomorrow. Most importantly, you should develop the courage and ability to finish what you started in spite of any challenges you encounter. Irrespective of what paths or passions you may pursue in your life, work hard, and remain sharply aware of the inevitable and perpetual changes in the world around you and the new opportunities they create. Always remain open to possibilities. It is my only wish. Dear intellectuals, please take charge of the future of our country with altruism rather than selfishness, with an optimistic mind, through analyzing and impartiality and dedication. If someone has to bear something, it is held with difficulty and with pain. If someone gains something it will be a comfort and with ease. Therefore you must become a graduate and not merely ‘a recipient of a degree’.
Thus, I implore you to act in society as a graduate rather than just a recipient of a degree. We await the moment you will become future guardians of our country and we will be watching you either from front or back until the moment you are ready to shoulder the responsibilities of uplifting the development of our country. That day is not tomorrow but today.

Sasana Keerthi Sri Buddha Sasana Shobhana
Venerable Muruththettuwe Ananda Nayaka Thero
Chief Sanghanayake Western Province
Chancellor, University of Colombo

Message from the Vice Chancellor

It gives me immense pleasure to share my thoughts on the occasion of the Ceremonial Convocation 2022 of the University of Colombo.
My warmest compliments to all the 3153 graduands on achieving your academic excellence and obtaining the necessary qualifications. I commend you for your exceptional success in reaching this goal. It is indeed a landmark for students of the University of Colombo as every student enrolled in a university await for the day of Convocation– the flagship ceremonial event of the University. This day comes after a long interval for each student but for the University, it has remained an annual event. It is on this day, the University looks back to measure its achievement, while this day marks the beginning of a new journey for the graduants.
With the mentorship and dedication of your lecturers, you have exhibited the spirit of tenacity and determination in pursuit of your academic goals. even during all the challenges you have encountered in your academic journey. You remained steadfastly focused and kept the faith until you accomplished the goal of graduation. I congratulate you all for your commitment. We at the University of Colombo are extremely proud of your achievements.
I am sure your learning experience has been the most fulfilling and satisfying. Without a doubt, it is an honour to receive a globally recognised degree from the number 1 university in Sri Lanka. I am glad to inform that the University of Colombo has once again proven its excellence by securing the top position among Sri Lankan universities in the second edition of the Webometrics Ranking 2023. These noteworthy rankings are a testament to the fact that our staff and students are committed to academic excellence and are working very hard to maintain quality education and research. I am proud and thankful of the untiring efforts and the continuing support and the commitment of our highly qualified staff in producing globally acceptable graduates and good citizens.
Graduation should never mean goodbye. I sincerely hope you will remain connected in some way to the University of Colombo, as it will always be a place of interaction among extraordinary and diverse people.
I wish you every success and I am certain you will continue to make us proud even after the graduation.
Best wishes,

Senior Professor (Chair) H.D. Karunaratne
Vice Chancellor, University of Colombo