Waste Storage Center

In 2017 ‘Pilisaru’ project in the Central Environmental Authority agreed to collaborate with the University of Colombo to introduce a proper waste management system for the University. As a result of this partnership in addressing a nationally important environmental problem, the University of Colombo established a centre called “Centre for Environmental Initiatives (CEI)” to address the university-wide waste management problems. The Pilisaru project of the CEI provided technical and technological support in conducting a waste survey at the University of Colombo in order to identify the waste generation rate and the waste types at the University. An annual waste survey has been conducted by a group of students at the University of Colombo starting from the year 2017.
From the first waste survey, it was found that the generation of recyclable waste occurred at a higher level, and it was decided that having a waste storage centre (for recyclable waste) for the University was a timely need. Understanding the value of such an initiative the CEA provided funds to establish a waste storage center for the University of Colombo. The Waste Storage Center of the University of Colombo was opened for waste storage on December 13, 2019, by Senior Professor Chandrika N Wijeyaratne, Vice-Chancellor and Eng. J.M.U. Indraratne, Deputy Director General/Waste Management of the Central Environmental Authority.

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Plastic PET bottles
Plastic gallons, chemical cans
Other plastic bottles and parts
PVC plastic
Yoghurt cups Please remove aluminum foil needs to be removed and cups should be washed prior to storage to avoid contamination)
Paper POC papers  (used A4 sheets, printing documents, magazines, Books) Please make sure no food item is in contact with the collected papers (i.e. no food wraps should be included)
News papers
Glass Glass bottles and Broken glass bottles
separately by colour, as indicated below:
– White
– Brown, Yellow, Red
– Green
Window and door glass White colour only
Metal Iron grade 1 Hard material (H-Bar, L-bar)
Iron grade 2 Less thickness
Low grade metals Tin and plates
Aluminum beer cans
Aluminum hard Al partition material
Aluminum Soft All other Aluminum products
Copper grade 1
CEI Office Address
Center for Environmental Initiatives,
College House,
University of Colombo, 94,
kumaranathunga Munidasa Mawatha,
Colombo 03.
Waste Storage Center
Near the Education Faculty entrance Gate
Opening days and hours – Tuesday and Thursday from 2.00p.m to 3.00p.m

0112506802 | Ext: 7053