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CQA Documents

  • CQA By-Laws – Link
  • Action plan of CQA – 2023 – Link
  • Terms of References – Link
  • Feedback Forms
    • Course Evaluation [DOCX | PDF ]
    • Graduate Evaluation [DOCX | PDF ]
    • Learning Environment Evaluation [DOCX | PDF ]
    • Teacher Evaluation [DOCX | PDF ]
  • The process to obtain internal approval for proposed/revised study programmes – Link

UOC circulars

Strategic Plans

The Strategic Plan is a rolling plan effective for a period of five years.
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IQAC performance scorecard – PDF | DOCX
Format for reporting of progress of IQAC – View Format

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a Programme Review?

The Programme Review evaluates the effectiveness of the Faculty’s or Institute’s processes for managing and assuring the quality of study programmes, student learning experiences and standards of awards within a programme of study. It is about management and assurance of quality at the programme level.

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What is an Institutional Review?

The Institutional Review analyses and tests the effectiveness of an institution’s processes for managing and assuring the quality of academic activities undertaken by the University/HEI. It evaluates the extent to which internal quality assurance schemes can be relied upon to maintain the quality of the provision of educational programmes over time.

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