Annual Research Symposium – 2022

Annual Research Symposium – 2022

The Annual Research Symposium (ARS) of the University of Colombo, which unifies all symposia held by the respective Faculties, Institutes, Campus, School and the library of the University, is one of the main events in the University calendar. This year, it will be held on the 16th of November 2022 at the Prof. V. K. Samaranayake Auditorium of the University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC). The theme of this year’s research symposium, “Digital Transformation and Innovative Approaches to Mitigate Challenges in the Higher Education Sector,” aptly suited the current challenges faced by the University.
The higher education sector in Sri Lanka has been facing an unprecedented set of challenges from the beginning of the covid-19 health crisis. Online education became the lifeline for the higher education sector to maintain minimum continuity during this period. The situation forced everyone to change their practices irrespective of willingness, capabilities, location, and resources. The new experience in online interaction introduced a new culture in all segments of the higher education sector, including administration. It is very important to use the technology in the correct way to address issues and disruptions in education to achieve the value addition expected in online education. Otherwise, it directly affects the quality of education in academic programs or institutions. The correct method of using digital technology depends on the innovativeness in the approach to solve the problem in a particular context. Digital transformation in the higher education sector refers to an organizational change realized by means of digital technologies and business models with the aim of improving an institution’s operational performance. Hence, the digital transformation and innovative approaches are linked in a recursive evolutionary approach. Without digital transformation and innovative approaches, it will be very difficult to mitigate challenges in the higher education sector, especially in the current context of Sri Lanka. The Annual Research Symposium of the University of Colombo in 2022 (ARS-UOC, 2022) will focus on how digital transformation and innovative approaches could be practiced to establish sustainable processes and systems in the higher education sector in Sri Lanka.



Dr Marito Garcia
Fellow, and Adjunct Faculty, Darden Business School, University of Virginia


Mr Ryotaro Hayashi
Social Sector Economist, Human and Social Development Division, South Asia Department, Asian Development Bank (ADB)


Mr Arjuna Nanayakkara
CEO – GTN Technologies & Head of Shared Services – GTN Group


Senior Professor (Chair) H.D. Karunaratne


Professor K.P. Hewagamage
ARS 2022


Dr. Harshima Wijesinghe


Dr H. Iroja Upekha Caldera



“Digital Transformation and Innovative Approaches to Mitigate Challenges in the Higher Education Sector”

The Editorial Committee of the Annual Research Symposium of the University of Colombo invites academic staff members and undergraduate/postgraduate students of the University of Colombo to submit abstracts to be considered for presentation at the Technical Sessions of the Annual Research Symposium in November 2022. The abstracts should be based on original research work and, if accepted, should be presented by a staff member or student of the University of Colombo at the Research Symposiums/Conferences of respective Faculties and Institutes. All accepted abstracts will be published in the Proceedings Book of the Annual Research Symposium 2022, University of Colombo. Details of Faculty Research Symposiums or Conferences together with submission instructions are published on their respective websites.


Faculty of Arts From Coping to Improving: The Role of Humanities and Social Sciences in Crisis Contexts 16th December 2022
Faculty of Education Digital transformation and best practices in mitigating challenges in education 25th November 2022
Faculty of Graduate Studies Developing human capital through informatization and digitalization 4th November 2022
Faculty of Law Digital Transformation and Innovative Approaches in Mitigating Challenges: A Global Agenda for Legal Education, Research and Reforms 3rd – 4th December 2022
Faculty of Management & Finance Challenges of Change in the Volatility 21st October 2022
Faculty of Medicine Sustainable and Affordable Healthcare through Research, Innovation and Practice 23rd – 26th November 2022
Faculty of Nursing Co-Creation of Better Health Care through Collaboration and Innovation 19th – 20th October 2022
Faculty of Science Progressive Research in Science for a Sustainable Future 17th November 2022
Faculty of Technology Role of Technology in Mitigating Challenges in Higher Education Sector 2nd November 2022
Sri Palee Campus Creative and Innovative Approaches in Mass Media and Performing Arts 18th November 2022
University of Colombo School of Computing 22nd International Conference on Advances in ICT for Emerging Regions 30th November –  1st December 2022
Institute for Agro Technology and Rural Sciences Exploring Path for Sustainable Agriculture through Integrative Research 28th June 2022
Institute of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology & Biotechnology
Institute of Human Resource Advancement Digital Transformation of Employee Education under COVID – 19 Pandemic 17th – 18th November 2022
Institute of Indigenous Medicine Global AYUSH Wellness/Vishav AYUSH Arogayam 7th – 9th  October 2022
National Institute of Library and Information Sciences Innovative Approaches to Mitigating Challenges in LIS Education
Postgraduate Institute of Medicine Promoting Scholarship in Postgraduate Medical Education
The Library Digital Revolution and Innovation in Libraries: Expecting the Unexpected 29th November 2022


Common Conditions and Guidelines for Abstracts submitted to the ARS 2022

  1. The abstract should not exceed 300 words and be submitted according to the attached template. Please follow the instructions carefully and note that abstracts that are not prepared according to the guidelines provided, or are submitted after the deadline, will not be considered for review. The Editorial Committee reserves the right to make alterations to the text of the abstract in order to improve its quality.
  1. The author’s declaration form should be signed before the final selection is made.
    1. The annexed declaration form must be signed and returned by the Corresponding Author via email (scanned copy) along with each abstract/extended abstract submitted.
    2. All correspondence will be addressed to the Corresponding Author. If the Corresponding Author is a student, it is mandatory that the declaration form should be signed by the supervising author/s.
    3. The abstracts should be presented by a staff member or an undergraduate/postgraduate student of the University of Colombo. In the event that the presenter indicated in the application is unable to present the paper, it is the responsibility of the Corresponding Author either to withdraw the paper in advance or arrange for one of the Co-Authors to present the paper.

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