Dr Marito Garcia
Darden School of Business, Center for Global Initiatives, University of Virginia, USA

Dr. Marito Garcia is currently fellow and adjunct faculty at the Darden School of Business, University of Virginia, USA. He is currently senior consultant on education and digital transformation to the World Bank and Asian Development Bank. Dr. Garcia is an economist and has published several books on education, labor, and consumption economics while at the World Bank where he was a lead economist and regional manager for education sector for the Latin America Region.

Towards a New Framework for Digital Transformation: Options for Sri-Lanka’s Higher Education

The keynote presentation will discuss new frameworks in addressing the challenges in higher education through digital transformation. This will unpack the meaning of new digital learning models and how these will benefit higher education in Sri-Lanka in a meaningful way. The speaker will present the international experience with these new digital transformation frameworks for example from India, Indonesia, the European Union and the US. As part of this discussion the speaker will elucidate on the digital touchpoints as experienced in the journey of the learner/student as they go through the schooling cycle, as well as the digital touchpoints in the journey experienced by teachers and faculty. Arising from the international frameworks developed, the speaker will discuss eight (8) drivers of digital transformation for higher education institutions and how these can define the digital transformation maturity in universities and colleges in the country.