The visual identity is the graphical expression of the uniqueness of the University Colombo, which consists of the university logo and its theme color. These unequaled elements of personal identity are used in all descriptors of university communications.


The Logo of the University of Colombo is the strongest component of the university’s branding and is represented in all elements of the logo. Recognition of these elements in a consistent manner is essential for effective communication.

The first ever logo of the University of Colombo was designed by Former Assistant Commissioner of Archaeology (Architect) Durandhara, Kalabhushana, Archaeologist Chakravarthy SM Seneviratne in 1972. The primary logo of the university consists of a lion with a sword in his hand, the inner circle with a row of swans, with a palapethi design cycle and core designs with the base having the motto in Sanskrit. The secondary logo includes the primary logo with the university’s name in Sinhala, Tamil and English languages and is frequently used on our university’s web-enabled systems (hereinafter collectively referred to as ‘logos’).

The University of Colombo holds intellectual property rights including, copyright and trademark rights for the logos, and it is essential to ensure that logos are accurately represented in all communications. The logos are available in PNG format. Additionally, they are available in Color and Black & White. You may click on the specified file format to download the logos. However, it is compulsory that you adhere to the below mentioned usage guidelines.



  1. Currently registered and enrolled students and staff members can use the logos in relation to their administrative activities, academic material including theses, presentations, letterheads, email signatures, etc. Nevertheless, for using logos on material connected with fundraising activities such as T-shirts, mugs, bookmarks printing, a prior written approval is required from the Registrar of University of Colombo.
  2. The logos must be used in their full form. Do not use only a part of the logos or in close proximity to any other design, trademark, text, graphic or other element in a manner that could cause confusion. Do not alter or distort the appearance of the logos in any way, for example, by adding your own design elements or changing the colors, font or scale. Logos should not be adulterated by combining them into a composite with marks owned by others, or by otherwise redrawing or modifying them.
  3. It is essential to apply on all printed and digital versions of the logos, the exact CMYK, RGB or Hexadecimal color values as specified below.
  4. The minimum printing width of the primary logo must be 35mm and the size of the logo must be directly proportional to its width and height ratio 1: 1.46.
  5. You must only use the latest version of the logos as depicted in the downloadable formats above and you should not use any previous version(s) of the logos.
  6. Do not use logos in a manner that disparages the reputation of the University of Colombo or violates any applicable laws or regulations or internal rules of the University of Colombo.
  7. The secondary logo must include the name of the University of Colombo in Sinhala, Tamil and English respectively.
  8. The exclusion zone (indicated by the blue line as seen below) is the minimum area around the primary logo that must remain clear, and nothing must fall inside this region. The dimensions are based on 10% of the width and 10% of height respectively.
  9. Do not use logos for any commercial purposes, including but not limited to, placement on non-university systems, advertising or promotional campaigns, non-university events, sponsorships or teaching sessions, unless a prior written approval of the Registrar of University of Colombo is obtained for such specific purpose. (Email:


The official university color palette consists of the theme color (UoC Purple) and the colors of the university’s primary logo. To ensure the consistency of our visual identity, specifications for each color are provided for both print and digital use. Four-color process (CMYK) values are provided for offset or digital printing applications and Hexadecimal or RGB values are reserved for electronic media platforms.

UoC Purple

UoC purple is recognized as the theme color of the University of Colombo and used frequently on all communications and marketing materials, ranging from print publications to websites, flyers, banners, and clothing.

UOC Purple
CMYK – 32%, 100%, 0%, 41%
Hexadecimal: #660097
RGB: 102, 0, 151

Logo Colors

The inner parts of the Colored Primary logo are filled in Gold, Dark Maroon (Black & Maroon) and White colors on a maroon background. In addition to these hues, Black is also used for the Primary black & white logo.

CMYK – 29%, 100%, 100%, 38%
Hexadecimal: #800000
RGB: 128, 0, 0

CMYK – 95%, 13%, 71%, 0%
Hexadecimal: #F4D569
RGB: 244, 213, 105

Dark Maroon (Black & Maroon)
CMYK – 33%, 100%, 100%, 50%
Hexadecimal: #6B0000
RGB: 107, 0, 0

CMYK – 0%, 0%, 0%, 0%
Hexadecimal: #FFFFFF
RGB: 255, 255, 255

CMYK – 100%, 100%, 100%, 100%
Hexadecimal: #000000
RGB: 0, 0, 0

If you have further questions about logo download eligibility, permission request process or color usage, please contact the University Webmaster