Vice-Chancellor’s message – COVID-19 Outbreak Notices | Best of health and safety measures at all times

Vice-Chancellor’s message – COVID-19 Outbreak Notices | Best of health and safety measures at all times

Dear members of staff and students,

The Health Ministry statistics denote that the City of Colombo and the suburbs are at high risk for COVID19 community transmission. Therefore the UoC has revised work schedules for non-academic staff to be on a roster since 23.10.2020. We also note that a fair proportion of staff are from areas of lockdown and cannot come to work physically but support our institution through online mechanisms. I seek the cooperation of all heads of institutions, departments, and units to monitor their assigned staff.

Once again I seek your individual attention on adopting the best of health and safety measures at all times while continuing to support our university functions in teaching-learning predominantly on-line. Let me reassure you that the Rector, Deans, and Directors are working in close liaison with the  Registrar and all Administrative Officers; who are well supported by the UMO and the Health Authorities.  Please be assured that the Registrar, AR Welfare, Senior Student Counsellor and I can be contacted at any time. Kindly re-visit the simple health and safety guidelines that are well depicted on the Ministry of Health website and COVID 19 dashboard I take this opportunity to thank Dr. Wijemuni, the Chief Medical Officer of the Colombo Municipal Council, for his unstinted cooperation to support our university, despite many competing demands of his time and services. I am extremely sorry that a few of our students have placed rude and derogatory comments on social media about his services.  I have personally conveyed our University’s sincere apologies and ask those students to send Dr. Wijemuni a written apology and place the same on their Facebook pages.

I also seek your cooperation to be not misled by unsubstantiated rumours that cause unfortunate concerns and undue harm. I have encountered situations of testing of a member of staff being misinterpreted that the said officer is positive with COVID19!  This has happened when the test report has come in as NEGATIVE. As of now, NONE of our students or permanent staff has been tested positive from among a large number of staff and students who were potential secondary contacts. One private security officer in a hostel that was under repairs was tested positive with symptoms. All our full-time staff members who had come in contact with this individual are now quarantined under the supervision of the UMO and remain well.

We need to function as a responsible university community. Rector, deans, and directors are reviewing the situation on a daily basis and are continuing with blended learning while practical training and examinations need to be planned.

Please communicate all your in-house issues with your Dean/Director and administrative head and ensure our university community remains safe and sound.

Yours truly,
Professor Chandrika Wijeyaratne

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