Reporting to work of the Non- Academic Staff During COVID -19 pandemic

This is to inform you in order to continue the university functions smoothly and without any interruption, it is advisable to adhere to the following procedures by the nonacademic staff on reporting work during COVID- 19 in line with the health and safety guidelines of the Ministry of Health. Non- Academic staff should report for work at least three working days per week on a roster prepared by each Head of the Department/Branch by maintaining the social distance and by adhering to health and safety measures. Balance two working days of the week they shall carry out their assigned tasks online (relevant employees except minor employees and some maintenance staff) subject to the service requirement of each Department/Branch/Section and update the Google Calendar by each employee every day with the tasks they have done. It would be the responsibility of each employee to be punctual as much as possible so as to prevent from any possible delays of the tasks assigned to each individual employee. In case, Heads of the Departments/Branches need the service by a certain employee/s depending on the urgency they shall summon such employee/s for work more than 03 working days per week during this period.

Employees who have problems with transport or any other special reasons are permitted either 30 minutes late attendance or 30 minutes early departure with the prior approval of the Head of the Department / Branch. However, they are responsible to complete the tasks assigned them each working day. General Rules and Regulations of the University are applicable for Over Time Payment according to the internal circulars. All the employees are strictly advised to adhere to the health and safety measures according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

For further clarifications please contact Senior Assistant Registrar / Non-Academic Establishments on TP No – 011 2553644 or via

K.A.S. Edward

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