Postgraduate Convocation 2017

Postgraduate Convocation 2017

The Postgraduate Convocation 2017 of the University of Colombo was held on 12th & 13th of November 2018 at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall for the conferment of Postgraduates Degrees of the University of Colombo. The Chancellor Most reverend Dr. Oswald Gomis, the Vice-Chancellor Senior Professor Lakshman Dissanayake, the Rector of Sri Palee Campus, Deans of the Faculties, Directors of institutes, the heads of departments, the registrar, Academic & non-academic members of the university and other invitees graced the event.

Message from the Chancellor

The University of Colombo is the oldest and the best distinguished state university in Sri Lanka. Naturally, there is a great demand for entrance here. Unfortunately, often we are restrained due to the lack of space and facilities to accommodate all those students who apply. However, our students get the best of academic quality and formation here. In fact, [Read more]

Message from the Vice-Chancellor

I am very much delighted to warmly welcome all the graduands who will be receiving their degrees at the Post Graduate Convocation of the University of Colombo on the 12th & 13th November 2018. Dear students, keep in mind that you are a very fortunate group of students to receive your degrees from the University of Colombo, [Read more]

Day 01 - 12th November 2018
Session I
Postgraduate Diploma offered by the Faculty of Arts, Education, Graduate Studies, Management & Finance, Medicine and Science & NILIS 520
Session II
Postgraduate Diploma offered by IHRA, IIM, PGIM, UCSC 352
Master of Science in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology 5
Master of Science in Biomedical Informatics 13
Master of Science in Community Dentistry 7
Master of Science in Community Medicine 61
Master of Science in Human Nutrition 29
Master of Science in Medical Administration 31
Session III
Master of Education 27
Master of Education and Development Psychology 3
Master of Education in Educational Management 1
Master of Education in Science in Education 2
Master of Education and (Teacher of English to Speaks of Other Language) 1
Master of Business Studies 86
Master of Environment Management 14
Master of Public Administration 12
Master of Public Administration & Management 40
Master of Regional Development & Planning 34
Master in Counseling and Psychosocial Support 3
Master in Conflict and Peace Studies 44
Master in Development Studies 18
Master in Human Rights 15
Master in Information Systems Management 14
Master in Labour Relation and Human Resource Management 81
Master in Labour Studies 1
Master in Manufacturing Management 18
Master of Science in Analytical Chemistry 24
Master of Science in Applied Electronics 23
Master of Science in Applied Organic Chemistry 12
Master of Science in Applied Statistics 16
Master of Science in Chemistry Education 9
Master of Science in Medical Physics 2
Master of Science in Nuclear Science 3
Master in Buddhist Studies 6
Day 02 - 13th November 2018
Session I
Master of Arts in English Studies 1
Master of Arts in Sociology 4
Master in Sociology 7
Master of Arts in International Relations 37
Master of Arts in Sinhala 83
Master of Financial Economics 73
Master in Economics 11
Master in Tourism Economics & Hotel Management 8
Executive Master of Business Administration 17
Master of Business Administration 196
Master of Business Administration in Finance 31
Master of Business Administration in Human Resource Management 14
Master of Business Administration in International Business 27
Master of Business Administration in Marketing 18
Session II
Master in Mass Media 13
Master of Human Rights and Democratisation 7
Master of Laws 131
Master of Science in Cellular and Molecular Immunology 6
Master of Science in Molecular Life Sciences 9
Master of Science in Disaster Analysis, Management & Mitigation 11
Master of Science in Geoinfoematics 6
Master of Science in Service Management 65
Master in Business Management 125
Master in Human Resource Management 96
Master in Information Management 5
Master in Library and Information Science 2
Session III
Doctor of Philosophy 46
Master of Philosophy 24
Doctor of Medicine-PGIM 327
Master of Computer Science 36
Master of Information Technology 52
Master of Science in Information Security 15
Research Awards 7
Total 3037