New Student Welcome pack

From 2023 onwards, when a student is registering in the university (undergraduates or higher) the credentials for accessing eServices are issued with the letter of registration. If you have not received credentials, you could request them via the coordinator of your programme/ IT coordinator.

  1. Your university email account: Every student and staff member is given a university email account on a subdomain and It is expected to use the university email for all official communication. University of Colombo uses Google Apps education edition for email accounts.
  2. SSO account: The university email account works as a Single Sign On (SSO) account. However, there are certainly other services which are not compatible with email authentication, and a separate SSO system is used for such services.
  3. WiFi and university network access: WiFi is available in most of the places in the University. WiFi could be accessed with EDUROAM and your SSO credentials can be used to access the WiFi system.
  4. Software and online services: There are a number of software applications available for the staff and students to use. G Suite for Education & Work | Office 365 | Microsoft Azure for Education | SSO Services.
  5. Staff profiles: Academic, academic support and research staff members are eligible to maintain their university research profiles under the university domain, and the existing researchers’ profiles can be viewed on the Find an Expert page.
  6. LMS access: NOC hosts University LMSes based on the moodle learning platform, and It facilitates to access course contents online. Student and staff support is provided by the designated coordinators of the respective faculty/institute/school/campus.