China University of Petroleum Delegation Visits UOC

China University of Petroleum Delegation Visits UOC

A meeting with representatives from the China University of Petroleum took place on the 25th of March, 2024 at the Senate Hall. The two representatives from the China University of Petroleum were Professor Huang Fang, the Director of the Office of International Affairs, and Ms Li Gaoqing, the Section Chief of the International Exchange, Office of International Affairs. Those present from the University of Colombo included Senior Professor (Chair) H D Karunaratne, Vice Chancellor, Dr Iroja Caldera, the Director of the International Office, Professor M A Y D Madurapperuma, the Head of the Department of Business Economics, and Professor I M K Fernando, from the Department of Physics.

An introductory presentation on the China University of Petroleum was shown. The university is located in Qingdao, a beautiful coastal city with mountains and multicultural style architecture. It is a city of innovation and entrepreneurship with companies such as Haier, Hisense, Tsingtao and CRRC located within. The China University of Petroleum is one of the 76 universities affiliated with the Chinese Ministry of Education. It has an undergraduate population of over 19.000 students, a postgraduate population of over 10,000 students and over 900 international students. Over 3,300 faculty and staff members, and over 1,100 Professors and Associate Professors are present at the University. They have also gone beyond the university and have established 16 colleges and schools. They are highly involved in research and innovation, with a great number of facilities made available for the students and the ability to secure great amounts of research funding – primarily coming from the industry.

The University, with remarkable global rankings, is also focused on activities and competitions. Students also have the opportunity to secure internships with leading petroleum companies in China.

The current strategy plan for the University of Colombo was distributed to those present. Professor Karunaratne gave a brief introduction about the University of Colombo, its history, faculties and institutes, student population and ranking. The possible means of collaboration he put forward were through joint research projects and conducting a joint degree.

Professor Huang suggested the following collaborations: joint research, short-term student exchange programs, students and academics of the University of Colombo to attend the international week held annually, engage in Chinese cultural activities, participate in the international conference and any short-term events as they are easier to organize and will help get the momentum going.

Further, Professor Fernando asked about the internship opportunities and if they are open to foreign students. Professor Huang said that they are open to foreign students and special services such as translators/English-speaking instructors are provided for companies that handle their operations in Chinese.

It was decided to start the collaborations between the 2 parties through participation in the international week to be held in July and the international conference. Likewise, the University of Colombo will invite their academics for the Annual Research Symposium, and the many international conferences that take place. As the University of Colombo is a National university with restricted funding, China University of Petroleum will try to secure funding for the academics to attend programs in China. The Memorandum of Understanding has been drafted by Professor Huang and will be sent to the University of Colombo.