Book launch and the awards ceremony for the First Certificate in Ornithology course  – FOGSL

Book launch and the awards ceremony for the First Certificate in Ornithology course – FOGSL

A book launch and the awards ceremony for the First Certificate in Ornithology course, conducted by the Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka (FOGSL), was held on August 26, 2023, under the iconic Nuga tree in front of the Department of Zoology and Environmental Science. The Chief Guest of the event was Senior Professor (Chair) H.D. Karunaratne, Vice Chancellor of the University. Set under the Nuga Tree, the ambience of the event took a nature-friendly and calming setting adding to the conservation theme and goal of the field ornithology group.
The distinguished gathering was welcomed by Professor Nihal Dayawansa, President of FOGSL, calling attention to the bird lovers to network for conservation. He stressed the importance of the presence of the Chief Guest at this occasion for how the support of academia and its administration influences nature conservation and sustainable development of the country. The Vice Chancellor appreciated the efforts of and called attention to the need to preserve resources in today’s world admired choosing the natural setting as the location for the event recognised the value of the Nuga tree as an asset of the university.
The newest publication of FOGSL, “Metro Colombo WETLANDS” is a combination of text, pictures and illustrations to guide the readers through the natural oasis within the hustle and bustle of Colombo. Various sections on different biota are authored by experienced enthusiasts and experts and are adorned with their captures of careful observations. The book was compiled by Professor S.W. Kotagama and is a collaboration of twenty-five experts and enthusiasts in content and images. This book will provide a comprehensive guide to the suburban wetland complex around Colombo on its fauna and flora and their life. It will cater to the layman and the knowledgeable without a slip. In 2018, Colombo became the first South Asian city to become a RAMSAR wetland. Titled “Metro Colombo WETLANDS” the book is set to become a must-read for nature enthusiasts, conservationists, and anyone curious about the delicate balance of urban ecosystems. Therefore, who better publish information on the Colombo wetlands except, the University of Colombo? The first copy of the book was presented to Professor Karunaratne by Professor Dayawansa and Professor Kotagama.
The First Certificate in Ornithology (FCIO) is a comprehensive certificate course of three months conducted by FOGSL for bird enthusiasts, introducing them to the science of birds. As the brainchild of Professor Dayawansa, this course was initiated to bring together bird lovers who are willing to learn more about the avian world from outside the academia, creating an opportunity to expand their knowledge and experience. As the first batch of FCIO concluded, certificates were awarded to the participants based on their coursework grades, including Distinction, Merit, and Completion of the course. The program has produced more conservationists equipped with awareness, contributing to the field. Overall, it was a great day, adding to the valuable contributions made by FOGSL to the conservation world of Sri Lanka.

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