Serological response following anti-rabies immunization in a representative canine population in Sri Lanka

Serological response following anti-rabies immunization in a representative canine population in Sri Lanka

The serological response following anti-rabies immunization in a representative canine population in Sri Lanka. Another section on dog ecology and assessment of knowledge on rabies was added to extend the study for a PhD. This was a more detailed and comparative study compared to project I in the same line involving stray and domestic canines conducted by a junior veterinarian for her PG studies. Both studies revealed that puppies of vaccinated dams do not have antibodies against rabies at the time of first vaccination and one vaccination would not maintain antibody titres until the annual booster. Therefore, a booster was recommended at a suitable interval after the first anti-rabies vaccination. Even for juveniles and adult dogs, annual revaccination was recommended in order to maintain a protective level of antibodies against rabies in this endemic country based on the findings of the two studies.

Both projects were funded by the National Science Foundation.

The findings of the above-mentioned two projects were used by the veterinary authorities to revise the canine anti-rabies vaccination schedule in Sri Lanka in 2013. Our efforts were recognized by awarding a National Science & Technology Award (NASTA) for team efforts in the application of Science and technology by the National Science Foundation under the Ministry of S & T in 2014.

Name of the Researchers

  1. Dr Mangala Guantilake
  2. Dr Ruwini Pimburage
  3. Dr A Balasuriya
  4. Ms K.A.D.N. Perera

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