Determination of efficacy and virus neutralizing antibody levels in canines

Determination of efficacy and virus neutralizing antibody levels in canines

Determination of efficacy and virus-neutralizing antibody levels in canines before and after immunization with anti-rabies vaccine – conducted in Kotte, Sri Lanka. This was the first comparative study done in Sri Lanka to investigate immunogenicity following anti-rabies vaccination in a selected dog population involving domestic canines. Both projects were funded by the National Science Foundation. The findings of the above-mentioned two projects were used by the veterinary authorities to revise the canine anti-rabies vaccination schedule in Sri Lanka in 2013. Our efforts were recognized by awarding a National Science & Technology Award (NASTA) for team efforts in the application of Science and technology by the National Science Foundation under the Ministry of S & T in 2014.

Name of the Researchers

  1. Dr Mangala Gunatilake
  2. Dr Omala Wimalaratne
  3. Ms K.A.D.N. Perera

Related Publication

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