Reporting to work of university staff

The University having considered the current epidemiological situation in the Country and the recent guidelines issued by the State Minister for Primary Health Care, Epidemics and Covid Disease Control and the Public Administration Circular 02/2021(1) of 27/04/2021 wishes to introduce the following guidelines for our University staff.

This is in order to ensure the best of health and safety measures being adapted for an uninterrupted university functions.

  1. To summon staff for three days per week on roster prepared by each Head of the Department/Branch and maintain social distancing by adhering to health and safety guidelines. They shall carry out their assigned tasks online, during the balance two working days of the week subject to the service requirement of each Department/Branch/Section. Updating the Google document (Form/Calendar/Sheets) by each employee by adding the tasks they have done. It would be the responsibility of each employee to prevent any delays of tasks assigned.
  2. When the duty roster is prepared, action should be taken to deduct the date, on which the officer does not report for duty, from his/her personal leave, only if the date of absence falls within the duty roster.
  3. Heads of Departments/Branches may summon employees for onsite work more than 03 working days per week during this period depending on the need.
  4. ‘Over-Time’ Payment according to the internal circulars are applicable by General Rules and Regulations of the University.
  5. According to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health all employees are strictly advised to adhere to the health and safety measures at all times.

For further clarifications, please contact the following officers;

  • Senior Assistant Registrar / Non Academic Establishments – 0711881977 –
  • Senior Assistant Registrar / Academic Establishments – 0714458668 –
  • Senior Assistant Registrar / General Administrations – 0718153257 –
  • Assistant Registrar / Student and Staff Affairs – 0714437257 –

Senior Professor Chandrika N. Wijeyaratne

UPDATED: 21:39