Leo Club of University of Colombo is an Omega Leo Club in Leo District 306C1 with a massive, potential member base which operates with the members across all the faculties of the University of Colombo. It was initiated on the 25th of June 2015 based on the Faculty of Management and Finance under the leadership of Charter President Leo Nimesh Jayasinghe and Charter Secretary Leo Berney Wickramasinghe. Presently, the club is proceeding under the guidance of Club Advisor Dr. Lion Sarath Wijechandra and the Staff Advisor -Senior Student Counselor of University of Colombo, Dr. Lion Rajitha Silva.

The Leo Club of University of Colombo executes with the intention of providing youth a greater scope of merits while fostering the community throughout various service projects. During these five years of excellence, the club was able to initiate a tremendous number of quality projects which has a lasting impact on the community. In the Leoistic year of 2017/18 and 2018/19, the Club was awarded and appreciated as the “Most Outstanding Leo Club in Leo District 306C1” and the “First Runners up in the Leo Multiple District 306 Sri Lanka” for two consecutive years.

Within this exceptionally short period of time, the Leo Club of University of Colombo was able to change the negative mindset of the public on university students by performing at their level best towards the betterment of the society. Current President Leo Sandun Perera and his team implementing procedures under the theme of “lead the way” to ensure the future motion of the Leo Club of University of Colombo.