AUA-UM Programme: Appreciating Diverse Communities Through Art– Calls for Nomination

The last AUA Student Mobility Programme in 2019-2020, the AUA-UM Programme of “Appreciating Diverse Communities Through Art”, is now calling for nomination. This one-week program will give participants a unique insight into the different facets of arts and culture in Malaysia. Participants will immerse themselves in the fascinating multi-ethnic community of a country where people of different religions and races live in a peaceful and harmonious society, which has, in turn, influenced its art, culture, and cuisine.

The knowledge and understanding gained during this programme would be of interest in the current, complex new era of globalisation, through an appreciation of the different arts and cultures of the diverse communities around the globe. Some of the highlights of the programme include a lantern-making workshop, a batik painting workshop, a Rangoli designing workshop, and a field trip to Melaka, a historical city, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Focusing on the performing and visual arts, this programme includes informative classes by academic experts, experimental workshops, fun-filled traditional sports and study tours.

Below is a brief summary of the key information of this programme. Please refer to the attachment for details.

Module/Program Mobility: Arts and Sports Event

Appreciating the Diverse Communities Through Art

Host University of Malaya
Date 15-21 January 2020
Number of Delegates Each AUA member university is invited to nominate up to 2 participants, and up to 2 students to be held on a waiting list.
Nomination Process 1. Nominations from each AUA member institution must be provided by their institutional program coordinator.

2. Nominations sent to UM at by Thursday 5th December.

3. The nomination must include the complete application package (see the instructions on the Application Form) of up to 2 participants and up to 2 students on the waiting list. (The students on the waiting list are also required to submit the complete application package.)

4. UM will allocate from the waiting list to fill spare places.

Nomination to be submitted by Thursday 5 December 2019
Provided by the host institution 1. Program Fees Waiver

2. Accommodation (Check-in: 15 Jan 2020, Check-out: 21 Jan 2020)

3. Airport Transfer (From and to KLIA/KLIA 2 only)

On behalf of the host institution, we would like to invite all members to nominate students to participate in this programme. Should you have any query regarding the programme, please send an email to