Vice-Chancellor’s message

My dear Students,

I convey my very best wishes to all our students currently on campus for teaching-learning activities and assessment through re-scheduled examinations. We are so happy to have more of you on site, as our University becomes so vibrant in your presence.

I wish to reiterate my request for your best of attention to the health and safety rules put in place, as per Government and Ministry of Health regulations, and detailed trilingually on our website by Dr. Wasudewa (UMO). Your adherence with hand washing, wearing masks and maintaining a safe distance will be much appreciated. I make this appeal to you, as our University staff and students have a social obligation to look after each other and the wider community in the ongoing united efforts of Sri Lanka and the entire world in the prevention and control of the COVID19 epidemic.

I am certain that your youthful outlook will help you enjoy campus life to the fullest, within the health and safety limits! More of our students are now better aligned towards on-line learning which must be retained, with the preservation of an up-scaled student-centered learning and a more robust application of the knowledge and skills you acquire. We are well aware of many other challenges you face with hostel accommodation and limited on-campus study areas due to delayed building work. I sincerely hope that our more recent efforts have helped mitigate at least some of these challenges.

Your needs in sports facilities are being addressed to provide you safe and enjoyable recreation. The establishment of a water sports complex located on our own grounds, with the relentless support of our Alumni Association, is due to start soon. The first ever on-campus ‘Colors Nite’ that was postponed due to the university closure, is re-scheduled for 21st November 2020, under the able leadership of Dr Kapila Bandara – Chairman Sports Board and Krishmal Fernando- the immediate past president and Dushyantha Hettiarachhi- the incumbent president of our Amalgamated Club. You will be pleased to hear that the Sports Pavilion of heritage value will be refurbished and upgraded with the support of Sri Lanka Cricket, while retaining its old-world charm. The Works Engineer and Curator have also made a commitment to provide environmentally friendly student sitting areas along a part of the perimeter of the grounds.

I convey my warmest greetings to our senior students, who are due to graduate this year. The UoC has paid due attention to some concerns expressed by a few with regard to conducting the first ever on-campus graduation ceremony (Convocation) this year. The revised dates are end of October/early November 2020. The carefully prepared unique arrangements will be shared with you by the central administration before finalizing plans. We need to view this change to an on-campus ceremony as a special privilege. Appreciating how blessed the UoC is with its unique and spacious grounds within the metropolitan city adds so much value to our own celebration, ceremony and memories in the presence of your parents, teachers, well-wishers and friends.

Take care, stay safe and strive to be the much loved and respected products with the rubber stamp – “Made in UoC”.

Yours truly,

Chandrika Wijeyaratne

UPDATED: 08:32