With the mission of assuring the accessibility of precious memories of the past to its community in an organized and respectful manner, Sir Ivor Jennings Museum of UoC was established in 2019 under the guidance of former Vice-Chancellor Prof. Lakshman Dissanayake. It is located in the College house. The University museum collects, preserves, and presents the pieces of evidence of its 115 years of successful journey. The collections provide the foundation for research and education on the evolution of university culture in different aspects. Sir Ivor Jennings Museum is continuously committed to providing a variety of learning experiences to several audiences and hope to expand to the community who present far beyond the University. Many of the artifacts related to the UoC history have transferred to the University of Peradeniya and the remaining valuable artifacts such as group photographs of 1st Council, minutes of 1st Council, old prospectuses, and lists of graduates provide live evidence of famed history. Currently, University is in the process of collecting such artifacts from the potential public in order to widen its limits.