The Vice Chancellor’s Message – A humble request to support our students

Dear Alumni and Well-wishers of the University of Colombo

I am happy to inform you that with excellent support extended by University Grants Commission and Ministry of Higher Education, the University of Colombo has provided uninterrupted teaching and academic instruction for our students through online education.

Nevertheless, many of our rural based undergraduate students (from a total population exceeding 13,000) face many challenges – augmented by our metropolitan location and high-risk status for COVID19. Our Senior Student Counsellor and team from the Welfare Branch and the Network Operating Centre (ICT) with excellent coordination have performed an authenticated needs assessment.

I seek your blessings to support our university’s efforts in addressing the most fundamental challenges faced by some of our students in the following areas:

  • provision of an equivalent of a ‘dongles’ through a service provider
  • provision of hardware (which may be linked to a student loan scheme)

Your contribution to the audited “Student Distress Fund of the UoC” would be greatly appreciated.

Credit details are:
Name of the Account – University of Colombo
Bank – Peoples Bank, Thimbirigasyaya Branch
Account Number – 086-100-1711-89650
Email – an e copy of your donation transaction

Thank you so much for your generosity and I wish you the best of health and stay safe.

Yours sincerely,
Chandrika Wijeyaratne

UPDATED: 10:21