University of Colombo successfully facilitates Post Graduate programmes for foreign students. The Government of Sri Lanka Presidential Scholarships for foreign students, a programme conducted and funded by the Ministry of Higher Education, Sri Lanka to enhance international relations and friendship with foreign countries. This is an ongoing programme and further details can be found at the Ministry of Higher Education, Sri Lanka.

Mr. Bipin Ghimire from Nepal - Masters in International Relation, University of Colombo

The “always smiling” and hospitable people really make me forget that I am in another country. I am very much impressed by how soft-spoken and caring the people are. Experiencing this culture and studying in this country really altered the feeling about this country that I had before coming here. Lovely beaches, greenery, and an unpolluted environment are some of the things that I like the most. On top of all, studying at the University of Colombo, with brilliant professors and experts broadened my educational horizons. I study International Relations here. I think this course would make me establish relationships with other countries. Though we are educated in an informal way, it helps to establish a sound relationship with the country. The professors are really helpful and supportive. I like the way the university is dealing with international students. The role that the university International Unit is playing to welcome foreign students is really impressive. I think this university could be an outstanding hub for postgraduate studies for other foreign students as well

Mr. Kamal Kandel from Nepal - Masters in International Relation, University of Colombo

“International Relations concerns Peoples and cultures throughout the world. So it has always fascinated me to study this subject. Being an interdisciplinary subject relating to every field, I have always dreamt to study it. I consider it to be a great opportunity to be awarded the “Sri Lankan Government Scholarships for Foreign Students” and to be enrolled at the University of Colombo, a prominent university. As of my experience, I found the course, lecturers, and students proficient, which adds more synergy to be together with a diverse group of professionals. Sri Lankan friends have always inspired and helped me to overcome the challenges and to enjoy in Sri Lanka. I would never forget them. Also, I fell in love with the sea at once. Sandy beaches, Aqua blue waters, waves, and sea-breeze, almost everything is fascinating. Of course, sometimes I miss Nepal, my home but Sri Lanka has filled my life with wonder. It is true that Sri Lanka is The Land like No other”

Mr. Krishna Kaji C Khanttri - Masters in Development Studies, University of Colombo

“I am very happy to be awarded the “Sri Lankan Government Scholarships Award for Foreign Students”. It is a good opportunity to study at the University of Colombo: one of the prominent universities of Sri Lanka. Within my short period of stay, I experienced very interesting lectures and a helpful academic environment. I was selected to follow a Masters’s programme in Development studies which is a very interesting subject. I think it is a worthy subject for developing countries, as the South Asian region is being developed. I have fallen in love with this Island, development, historical places and the greenery. I am very much impressed with the kind hospitality and the smiling faces of Sri Lankans. Sometimes I forget that I am in a different country. Almost the same culture and religion as Nepal, it is very easy to be involved in the day to day life and get closer to the people of Sri Lanka. The plan and role of the Ministry of Higher Education and the University of Colombo in welcoming foreign students is appreciated and I hope this University would be the education hub for those who are seeking a bright future”

Mr. Ram Bahadur Rai from Bhutan- MSc Informational Technology, University of Colombo School of Computing

“I have been in Sri Lanka since 2013. I was awarded a scholarship through the Ministry of Higher Education 100 Scholarship Scheme for Foreign Students and I am currently enrolled at the University of Colombo School of Computing to follow a Masters programme in Information Technology. So far I have enjoyed my classes and the lecturers have been helpful. The people have been fabulous too. I hope to stay till 2014 and complete my programme. I am grateful to the University of Colombo for accepting my application and for the Ministry of Higher Education for awarding me this scholarship”