♦ A core course termed ‘Enterprise Based Project’ with 1 credit for Level 11- Semester V11 was introduced to the existing curriculum. The course was implemented with effect from March 2013.

♦ Entrepreneurship and skills development camps/workshops for students and staff were carried out

12th March 2013 for the first batch of students

3rd March 2014 for the second batch of students

4th March 2015 for the third batch of students

♦ Business proposal submissions and presentations were held each year

♦ Product Launches and Demonstrations were held during May in 2013, 2014 and 2015

♦ Modernization and renovation of lecture halls and outside reading areas were carried out to assist students activities.

QIG WI Coordinator

1. Dr Arosha S Adikaram

2. Dr R Senathiraja

3. Dr Nihal Padmasiri

Procurement Details

Total Amount
HETC/QIG/CMB/BBA/GOOD/2013/01 Supply And Delivery Duplo Machine 01 Nos 441,280.00
HETC/QIG/CMB/BBA/GOOD/2013/02 Multimedia Projector 14Nos 1,270,500.00
HETC/QIG/CMB/BBA/GOOD/2013/04 Portable Sound System 04Nos 649,600.00
HETC/QIG/CMB/BBA/GOOD/2013/05 Mini Generator 02Nos 344,000.00
HETC/QIG/CMB/BBA/GOOD/2013/06 Laptop Computers 10Nos 1,157,500.00
HETC/QIG/CMB/BBA/GOOD/2013/07 Video camera 10Nos 920,000.00
HETC/QIG/CMB/BBA/GOOD/2013/08 Clip on mike 04Nos 258,496.00
HETC/QIG/CMB/BBA/GOOD/2013/09 Tablet Chairs 400Nos 2,099,498,.24
HETC/QIG/CMB/BBA/GOOD/2013/10 Air Conditioners 08Nos 896,000.00
HETC/QIG/CMB/BBA/GOOD/2013/11 White boards 06Nos 49,560.36
Total Amount 8,086,434.60

Activity 1: Promoting interaction among and between student, staff and industry to enhance student entrepreurial skills


Activity 1.2: Conduct entrepreneurship and skills development camps for students and staff