University conducts a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree and diploma courses. Intake to the basic degree courses is through the University Grants Commission, based on performance at the GCE Advanced Level examinations. Further details are available on the websites of the relevant faculties and institutes. Information can also be obtained regarding these courses by emailing the Faculties or Institutes.


General Convocation 2013
Eight of the nine faculties and the Sri Palee Campus are conducting undergraduate programmes leading to bachelors degrees.


Postgraduate Convocation 2014
Intake to postgraduate courses is according to criteria laid down by the different faculties.

Selecting of students for admission to Universities in Sri Lanka is being done by University Grants Commission on the basis of an admission policy laid down from time to time by them with the concurrence of the Government. Applications are invited through a notice published in the Press from eligible candidates on forms provided for the purpose by the UGC.

The following accounts on admission are based on the publication titled “Admission to undergraduate courses of the Universities in Sri Lanka” issued annually by the UGC and can be regarded as only informative.

The following admission policy will apply in respect of forthcoming Academic years Selection of students will be done on the basis of rank order on average Z-Scores obtained by candidates at the G.C.E. (A/L) Examination. Z-Scores are released to candidates by the Commissioner General of Examinations.

  • Candidates are required to be at the examination hall at least 15 minutes before the commencement of each paper, but shall not enter the hall until they are requested to do so by the Supervisor.
  • No candidate shall be admitted to the examination hall for any reason whatsoever after the expiry of half an hour from the commencement of the examination.  Nor shall a candidate be allowed to leave the hall until half an hour has lapsed from the commencement of the examination or during the last 15 minutes of the paper.
  • On admission to the hall, a candidate shall occupy the seat allotted to him/ her and shall not change it except on the specific instructions of the supervisor.