MSc/ Postgraduate Diploma in Climate Change and Environmental Management

Applications are invited from qualified individuals for the M.Sc. /Postgraduate Diploma in Climate Change and Environmental Management offered by the Department of Zoology and Environment Sciences, Faculty of Science of University of Colombo, to be commenced in June 2021. Duration:    M.Sc. degree- 2 ½ years       Postgraduate Diploma- 12 months Course composition: Lectures and laboratory sessions […]

Study Programmes in Demography 2021

The Department of Demography, University of Colombo is calling for applications from the well-qualified candidates for the following study programmes (English Medium), on or before 19th April 2021. MPhil / PhD in Demography – 2021 Masters in Demography (MADEM) – 2021

MSc in Applied Organic Chemistry

Organic chemistry is everywhere in today’s world. Mastering organic chemistry is crucial for the design of a wide range of everyday products, novel products and processes. Design of materials with tailor-made properties requires an enhanced understanding of their synthesis, physico-chemical characteristics, and characterization and structure-property relationships at the molecular level. The MSc in Applied Organic […]

MSc in Analytical Chemistry

The MSc programme in Analytical Chemistry expects to provide students with in-depth knowledge and skills in principles of analytical chemistry and its applications to solve problems in industry and research. The program provides students with advanced theoretical foundation and essential practical skills initially. Later the students are required to complete a self-guided project under the […]