MSc in Analytical Chemistry


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The MSc programme in Analytical Chemistry expects to provide students with in-depth knowledge and skills in principles of analytical chemistry and its applications to solve problems in industry and research. The program provides students with advanced theoretical foundation and essential practical skills initially. Later the students are required to complete a self-guided project under the supervision of an academic staff member. The project develops the ability of a student to successfully execute a scientific project. Student can maximize the knowledge and experience gained through the project by carrying out a one-year research project. The knowledge gained and research experience would equip the students to be successful in academia or industry.

The aim of the MSc program in Analytical Chemistry is to train graduates to become chemists with an emphasis on analytical chemists. An analytical chemist is responsible in planning and executing routine analytical procedures following the laboratory SOPs, use advanced chemical knowledge, statistical tools, logic and creativity to overcome challenges in industry. Thus, the analytical chemist plays an important role in our industrial structure and the advancing science.

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