Centre for Diagnosis and Research in Cancer (CeDARC)

The Centre for Diagnosis and Research in Cancer- CeDARC was established in 2021 with the aim of creating a state-of-the-art referral centre for cancer diagnostics, education and research in the country. This centre is a collaboration between the departments of Pathology, Anatomy, Genetics and Biomedical Informatics, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Zoology of the University of Colombo.


To be a leader in the South Asian region in comprehensive cancer diagnosis, research and training for precision health.


To establish a state-of-the-art referral centre, with multidisciplinary teams of clinicians and scientists to enable a comprehensive cancer diagnostic service, translational research and capacity building.

Histopathology referral service


The Department of Pathology provides expert opinions on difficult cancer cases through pathologists who specialize in different sub specialities.

Download the referral form:  Internal | External

Hematology tests


Several essential tests are required to diagnose hematological malignancies and are available from the department of pathology.



Cytogenetics and molecular genetic test are essential for diagnosis, prognosis, counselling and family screening in cancer. The Human Genetics Unit of the Faculty of Medicine Colombo, established in 1983, is one of the oldest Genetics Centres in the Asian Region.

  Testing services  

General Pathology refresher course


The general pathology refresher course is a very popular general pathology lecture series conducted targeting post-graduate students sitting for post-graduate exams in histopathology, haematology, surgery, obstetrics and Gynaecology, ophthalmology and Oncology.

Training Program in Clinical Genetics


This is a 3-months CPD course conducted twice a year that is geared towards improving genomic literacy among medical professionals. It provides training in the basic concepts in human genetics & genomics and their applications in clinical practice. Components related to cancer genetics and genomic medicine are incorporated into the training.

MSc in Molecular Pathology


This is a 2-years postgraduate degree program with a 1-year research component. The program aims to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes required by medical & science graduates to deliver the latest genetic diagnostics services

Breast Cancer

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Gastrointestinal malignancies

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Thyroid Cancer

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Urological Malignancies

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Haematological Malignancies

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Soft tissue and Bone cancer

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NHSL-FMC postgraduate Teaching Cluster in Pathology – Monthly journal club

A monthly journal club with participation of histopathology consultants and trainees from the NHSL-FMC teaching cluster in histopathology.

Bloody Journal Club

The “Bloody Journal Club” is a monthly journal club meeting of haematologists and haematology trainees of NHSL-FMC-LRH teaching cluster in clinical haematology. There is also participation from other teaching clusters of the post-graduate programme as well.

Tumour budding in invasive breast carcinoma, NST – Association with pathological prognostic factors and comparison of two different scoring systems. Dr Vinodhika Sivamayuran, Dr. Harshima Wijesinghe, Dr. Roshana Constantine, Prof. Dilani Lokuhetty
Comparison of clinicopathological profile of breast carcinoma among females <40 years and> 40 years. Dr. Dayal Gamlaksha, Dr. Harshima Wijesinghe, Dr. Modhini Jayawickrame, Prof. Chandu de Silva
A descriptive cross-sectional study on post neoadjuvant treatment-related changes in invasive breast carcinoma presenting to two tertiary care centres in Sri Lanka. Dr. Sakura Abeygunawardane, Dr. Harshima Wijesinghe, Dr. Modhini Jayawickrame
A descriptive study on correlation between cribriform pattern of invasive carcinoma and tumour burden in prostate core biopsies, transurethral resections and radical prostatectomy specimens at a tertiary care centre in Sri Lanka. Dr. Supanya Thanasayan, Dr. Harshima Wijesinghe, Dr. Modhini Jayawickrame, Prof. Chandu de Silva
Clinicopathological features of bone tumours and cysts in a Sri Lankan setting Dr. Chamali Baranasooriya, Dr. Dinesha Jayasinghe, Dr. Modini Jayawickrame, Prof. Chandu de Silva
A descriptive study of pathological features of skin tumours and tumour-like lesions in a Sri Lankan setting Dr. Samalai Parththipan, Dr. Dinesha Jayasinghe, Dr. Sandini Guneratne, Prof. Chandu de Silva
A prospective cohort study of Sri Lankan patients with classical MPNs, in regard to genetic aberrations, clinical manifestations, effect of cytoreductive agents, development of complications and sequelae and correlate with their cytokine profiles at various time points. Dr. Ahalyaa Sivashangar, Prof. Lallindra Gooneratne
Analysis of gene mutations in papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC) in different morphologic variants. Ms. Kasuni Yapa Rupasinghe, Prof. Sulochana Wijesundara, Dr. GG Ranaweera, Prof. MVC de Silva
Peripheral blood Lymphocytopaenia, tumour infiltrating lymphcocytes and necrosis as prognostic biomarkers in cancers of the cervix, head and neck treated with radical radiotherapy. Dr. Gayani Ranaweera, Dr. Nuradh Joseph
Histopathological spectrum of endometrium in abnormal uterine bleeding. Dr. S C Shamini, Dr. GG Ranaweera
Genetic Changes and Biomarkers Associated with Different Morphological Areas Found in Otherwise Conventional Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma and its Relationship with Local Aggressiveness and Lymph Node Metastasis. Dr. Gayani Ranaweera, Ms. Vishmi Wanasinghe, Prof. Ranil Dassanayake, Prof. MVC de Silva
Assessment of safety of three herbal formulations with the provision of developing new anticancer therapeutics and preventive nutraceuticals. Dr. Kanishka Sithira Senathilake, Mr. Sameera R Samarakoon, Ms. Mayuri Thammitiyagodage, Dr. GG Ranaweera, Mr. Poorna Piyathilake
The prevalence of oesophageal premalignant lesions among the Tamil patients referred for upper gastro-oesophago-duodenoscopy to the endoscopy unit of the Tertiary Care Hospital in Northern Sri Lanka. Prof. Priyani Amarathunga
Pathological characteristics, treatments, and outcomes of papillary thyroid cancer in Sri Lanka. Prof. Priyani Amarathunga



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Professor AAH Priyani
Deputy Director – Diagnostics


Professor Preethi Udagama
Deputy Director – Research


Professor Dilani Lokuhetty
Deputy Director Training


Professor Maduka Udunuwara
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Dr. Harshima Wijesinghe
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