On the recommendation of the Management Committee, the Council of the University of Colombo decided to implement this committee to carry out the task of the quality transition of onsite teaching to blended learning with the way forward with technology and other outside factors which have affected the current education system and practices in Sri Lanka. Accordingly, the main task is “To propose the methodology and practices” to all academic work currently carried out onsite could be carried out in a blended format without any delays and inconvenience while ensuring the optimal level of learning, teaching, and assessment.


Accordingly, the following were noted as the main objectives to be attentive to at the initial stage:

  1. Develop a formal policy on Blended Learning on Teaching, Learning, and Assessment for the University of Colombo.
  2. Develop a methodology for ensuring the quality transition of undergraduate programs at SLQF 5 and 6.
  3. Develop a methodology for ensuring the quality transition of Postgraduate programs at SLQF Level 8 and above.
  4. Develop a methodology for ensuring the quality transition of External Degrees offered by the Cyber Campus.
  5. Determine the percentages of Blended components of External and Staff Development Courses.
  6. Develop a methodology for ensuring the quality transition of practical components.
  7. Develop a methodology for ensuring the quality transition of examinations.
  8. Incorporate workplace experience and skills development into Blended Learning.
  9. Guide the University on rules and regulations on blended learning and carrying out online classes.
  10. Guide the University on By-Laws for Blended Learning. Guide the University for selecting necessary tools for Blended Learning and improving the available infrastructure to implement Blended Learning Advice the University for teacher/student training for Blended Learning.


  1. The Advisory Board will develop the policy on blended learning and develop the Term of Reference (TOR) and focus on the main objectives of the Project and guide the working groups.
  2. Core Group will facilitate the implementation of the said objectives at the Faculty/University level and identify challenges of strengths and weaknesses of the practices.
  3. Academic Conveners facilitate the decisions which are being taken by the said committees and boards at Senate and Council levels for approval and necessary validations.
  4. Working Group to utilize the experience they have gained at the IIOE training on Blended learning on helping train the respective academic staff of the respective faculties and institutes.
  5. E-learning coordinators should carry out activities within the Faculty/ Institute/Campus/School to promote e-Learning or blended learning in the courses and programmes. He/she should evaluate the status of e-Learning activities and required IT infrastructure, should communicate to the Head and Faculty Board to obtain the resources to address the issues. Further, he/she will represent the blended learning committee and Faculty Board to update the status and progress as well as issues in the Faculty and should be in the network with Faculties and external parties to obtain the support to develop the online education in the Faculty. A repository to be created with information on possible training, cases, tools and practices. It can also include internal and external resources and resource persons.


Under the supervision of the Vice-Chancellor, the Director of UCSC is the Chairperson of this Committee. In addition, Academic members, Administrative and Technical experts are also included and invited to the Blended Learning Committee. The committee compositions are as follows.

  • The Advisory Committee which consists of 8 Academic staff members
  • One Academic staff member as the Coordinator
  • The Core Group consists of three Academic staff members
  • Three academic staff members as Conveners
  • Three administrative officers as Administrative coordinators
  • One academic staff Member as the Administrator to the Blended Learning Repository
  • One technical staff member as the Administrator (Technical)
  • Six academic staff members as the Working Group in the IIOE training
  • One Academic staff member from each Faculty/Campus/School & Institute as the e Learning Coordinator



Inquiries of committee matters: ar@lib.cmb.ac.lk