All Island University Sociology Students’ Forum : 18th – 20th Dec

All Island University Sociology Students’ Forum : 18th – 20th Dec

All Island University Sociology Students’ Forum (AIUSSF’17), a workshop for sociology students from all around Sri Lanka representing eight state universities took place on the 18th, 19th and the 20th of December 2017 at the University of Colombo, as an initiative of the Sociology Heads Forum of Sri Lanka.

The event featured 60 plus young sociology students who were enthusiastic and excited to shoulder the future of Sociology in Sri Lanka.

“We believe the Sociology Students’ Forum will act as glue sticking us together despite coming from all around Sri Lanka from different cultures”; said the President of the Sociology Students’ Association University of Colombo as he warmly welcomed the gathering and AIUSSF commenced. Next the speech by the Head / Department of Sociology, University of Colombo, Convener of Sociology Head’s Forum, Prof. Premakumara de Silva explained the prime purpose of the event and the need of young sociologists to get together and decide where the next generation of sociology is headed, followed by the speech of the former Department Head and Emeritus Prof. Siri Hettige. As his speech came to an end the delegates were provided with refreshments to revitalize their energy and prepare them for the lecture series.

After the tea break, the first lecture of the lecture series was commenced by Prof. Ramani Jayathilaka, on the importance of sociology followed by the most awaited speech; of the Dean, Faculty of Arts in University of Colombo Professor Athula Ranasinghe. For the afternoon plenary of the first day we were lucky to have the famous award winning film director Mr. Asoka Handagama, Prof. Premakumara de Silva and Senior lecturer Mr. Jagath Wellawatta as our resource persons for the first day afternoon plenary to discuss and read the movie “Iniyavan”.

Even though the delegates were quite tired after their visit to the Independence Arcade in the evening of the first day, they rushed through the doors even before the set time of 8.30 AM on the 19th Tuesday. Both delegates and the organizing committee were excited to commence the 2ndday of the Sociology Students’ Forum.

The day was started by Prof. Chandrasiri Niriella with his interesting and insightful lecture on research methodology. Then Dr. Nishara Fernando continued the lecture series with his joyful yet informative lecture on quantitative research methodology followed by the lecture of Dr Mohammed Mahees on qualitative research methodology.

The second day’s afternoon plenary was for the students to showcase their talents which cheered the young hearts up. There were so many cultural performances ranging from dancing acts to songs. That event helped to bond us all as “one” in spirit.

Third day, the last day of the Students’ Forum was started with the lecture of the Head/Department of Sociology, University of Colombo, Prof.. Premakumara De Silva on report writing and how a sociologist should act on the field when collecting data.

Next up was to wrap up the event even with a heavy heart and tears in many eyes. By the end of the third day all those cultural differences had vanished into the thin air and we all have unlocked ourselves from those metaphorical bubbles we once had locked ourselves in.

It truly was an exciting three days filled with collaboration, harmony, friendship and enthralling facts about sociology which made us feel proud of ourselves for deciding to take our path in the area of sociology. In addition, we all came home with one hope in mind, to move forward as a bunch of young sociologists towards an enriching journey in contemporary sociology.