Calling applications for small research grants 2021

Calling applications for small research grants 2021

University of Colombo announces the availability of funds for research, as part of its plans to inculcate research culture amongst staff/students and to upscale the high-quality research. The objectives of providing these funds are to encourage and facilitate innovative research, development of collaborative research communities, development of research methodologies, and enhance the impact of research on issues that are relevant to national development. Hence the applicants are requested to make maximum utilization of the grants that are available with the University of Colombo.

  • A small grant can be sought for collecting pilot data, research equipment or supplies, or the costs of smaller-scale projects.
  • Grants can also be sought for publications such as the costs of publishing, scholarly or artistic work.
  • Grants cannot be sought for publishing research articles/publications in journals.
  • Grants can also be sought for payment of copyright to photographs, drawings, figures or tables, or permissions to reprint.
  • Grants will be given for extension of ongoing research; though priority will be given for new projects.

Eligibility information: Staff members who hold tenured positions in the university and who are eligible for the research allowance under Establishment circular No 5/2014 (i) and 5/2014 (ii) dated 28.05.2014 and 30.05.2014 respectively.

Award Period: A period of 3 months to 1 year

Funding Range: Applicants may request from Rs. 100,000 – Rs. 500,000.00. (The funds allocated to travel & subsistence (foreign) cannot be exceeded 50% of the total grant)

Submission process: duly fill the relevant application and submit on time

Acceptance: Proposal quality and likely impact

Acknowledgement: Grantees are   expected to acknowledge the University of   Colombo in  the  outputs funded through  the small  grants  scheme such as reports, publications, conferences, workshops, lesson materials

Reporting: Awardees of 1year grants will be required to submit bi-annual progress reports to the University Research & Development Committee through the Faculty Research Committee. Others should submit a detailed final report at the end of the grant period (less than 1 year).

Submission date: 31st May 2021

Download the Template for Research Proposal Application Form  

Three copies of the completed application forms should be sent to the Academic & Publications Branch, College House, University of Colombo.

Current grant holders who plan to complete their studies and submit the final reports and financial statements before 14th June 2021 are also eligible to submit new applications. If such an application is selected for funding, evidence for completion of the previous grant and settlement of finances prior to the given deadline of 14.06.2021 would be needed before the new award is made. Only one grant will be awarded per candidate, despite of the submission of more than one proposal.

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