The Student Counsellors’ Office provides services to advice students to resolve their psychological, academic and personal problems. Trained Advisers/Counsellors (both male and female) have been appointed to provide this service during the working days. All information is kept confidential. You can meet the psychiatrist, psychologist, or psychology advisers on the dates presented below.

Student counseling is undertaken by Student Counsellors in all the Faculties Everyday from 9.00am to 3.00pm
Dr. Ravin Hanwalla (Psychologist) – Chief Consultant, Colombo National Hospital, Psychiatrist Ward No. 59 Every 2nd Thursday of each month from 9.00am to 12.00 am
Prof. Gamila Samarasinghe (Clinical Psychologist) Every Thursday, from 1.30pm to 3.30pm
Dr. Samudhra Senarath (Social Psychologist) Every Friday, from 2.00pm to 4.00pm

The following tasks are undertaken by the Office of the Student Counsellor: issuing of identity cards; allocation of permission of lecture halls for extra-curricular activities of students such as get-togethers, and meetings; issuing of permits for trips, display posters and cut-outs; providing temporary hostel facilities; assisting students facing emergencies; hold special language classes for students; and most importantly, to intervene and take necessary action with regard to student conflicts, within the University and outside and to stop acts of and take steps to prevent ragging. However, it is vital to emphasize that the main service of this office is to counsel students.

Computer Training

Student Career Guidance Unit of the University of Colombo undertakes to provide undergraduates with extra computer training. Other than this, for a nominal sum, the Student Career Guidance Unit provides students of the Faculties of Arts and Law – in their computer labs – with extra courses to advance their knowledge.

Entry to University Premises

The University premises are open for students only from 6.00am onwards. Unless with expressed permission from the Vice Chancellor or the Registrar, students cannot remain in the premises after 6.00pm.

Cultural Programmes

The objective of cultural programmes is to provide undergraduates with opportunities for skill development in diverse aesthetic fields. Therefore, every Monday, under the patronage of the Arts Council, classical plays/drama, movies, musical events, and exhibitions will be held. Under these programmes, drama workshops, music and dancing classes will also be organized. In addition to this, there is a Cultural Centre near the Old Library Building (OLB) under the patronage of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs. Different cultural programmes, workshops, and training session are conducted by the University Arts Council.

Ven. Dr. Uduhawara Ananda Thero Buddhist Studies Unit 0713486477
Dr. P.R.N. Fernando Sociology 0787400230
Ms. Chamathka Devasirie Sociology 0776740754
Ms. H.U.S. Samaraweera Sociology 0717888368
Mr. P. Nagasinghe Sinhala 0714185331
Mrs. W.M.K. Wijesundara Sinhala 0718015348
Mrs. Jayanthi Bandara Sinhala 0718383548
Dr. S.D. Amarasekara English 0112500438
Ms. K.T.N. De A. Wijesinghe DELT 0777582678
Mr. W.M.S.P.K. Wanasinghe DELT 0718140130
Dr. M.S. Anees Political Science & Public Policy 0718098755
Mr. K.S.K. Ariyadasa Political Science & Public Policy 0714839837
Ms. S.N.K. Mallikahewa Economics 0718118908
Mr. Chinthaka Jayasundara Economics 0718427511
Mr. C. Padmakumara International Relations 0772834612
Ms. Krishanthi Wimalasiri IR 0774330221
Dr. R.U.K. Piyadasa Geography 0714470707
Mr. Y.A. Karunarathna Geography 0714905614
Dr. E.L.S.J. Perera Demography 0716045292
Ms. Nishanthi Perera Demography 0756360778
Dr. Y.A. Widyalankara History 0718963699
Dr. Samudra Senarath Educational Psychology 0715799656
Mrs. R.D.C. Niroshini Educational Psychology 0718433468
Mr. I.G.C. Chandrakumara Educational Psychology 0776727789
Mr. Anjana Bandara Statistics
Dr. J.M.D.R. Jayasundera Physics
Dr.H.H.E. Jayaweera Physics
Mr. R.A.B. Abyegunawardena Statistics
Dr. G. Galhena Zoology
Dr. Sampath Senavirathne Zoology
Dr. P.S. Saputhanthri Plant Sciences
Ms. Jivendra Wickramasinghe Nuclear Science
Dr. M.N. Kaumal Chemistry
Dr. L.H.R. Perera Chemistry
Mr. Ramesh Rajasuriya Business Economics 0714864563
Ms. A.W.M.M. Atapattu Human Resources Management 0772516273
Dr. B. Nishantha Management and Organization Studies 0717235806
Mr. W.M.G.P.C.B. Wijekoon Marketing 0717235806
Ms. A.W.J.C. Abeygunasekera Accounting 0771580777
Mr. T.C. Ediriwickrema Finance 0773647365
Mr. R.Y.H. De Alwis Seneviratne Business Economics 0715642641
Dr. K.C. Liyanage Commercial Law 0773777681
Mr. P.H.N. Sampath Commercial Law 0715566066
Dr. G.M.A.S. Perera Private & Comparative Law
Mr. W.A.D.J. Sumanadasa Private & Comparative Law 0718672518
Ms. R.P.D. Pathirana Commercial Law 0718004526
Ms. D.L.F. Shamila Commercial Law 0758441142
Mr. M.A.M. Hakeem Public & International Law 0777680035
Ms. U.A.T. Udayangani Public & International Law 0779719875
University of Colombo School of Computing
Dr. S.M.K.D. Arunathilake UCSC 0112581245/0773832927
Dr. A.R. Weerasinghe UCSC 0112581245/0773022210
Dr. T.M.H.A. Usoof UCSC 0112581245/0777380760
Mrs. T.A. Weerasinghe UCSC 0112581245/0716890280
Mrs. H.M.D.S.D. Somaratna Main Library 0777799621


Dr. Rajitha Silva


Student Counsellor Office
University of Colombo
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Colombo 03
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