Student Socities

There are a number of diverse societies from diverse educational backgrounds. These societies have been established to enhance the welfare activities for students and to develop student leadership skills.

These societies can be divided into subject specific societies and general societies. However, any student can become a member of any subject specific society.

  • Arts Society in the Faculty of Medicine
  • Chemical Society
  • Computer Science Society
  • Economics Students' Union
  • Geography Students' Union
  • Sinhala Society
  • Journalism Student Society
  • Law Society
  • Mathematical and Astronomical Society
  • Medical Faculty Welfare Association
  • Science Society
  • History Society
  • Law Faculty Human Rights Society
  • Eksath Bhikku Society
  • Accounting and MIS Society
  • The Sports Club of the Faculty of Law
  • Botanical Society
  • Sociology Students' Union
  • Buddhist Brotherhood (Medical Faculty)
  • Buddhist Brotherhood (Thurstan Section)
  • Catholic Medical Students' Society
  • Catholic Students' Society
  • Gaveshakayo (Explorers)
  • Hindu Society
  • Muslim Majlis
  • Oriental Music Society
  • Parisarikayo
  • Student Involved in Rational Health Action
  • Tamil Society
  • University of Colombo Christian Fellowship
  • Vicharakayo
  • Sarasavi Diyaniyo Society
  • Buddhist Literature Society
  • Stat Circle
  • Media and Arts Circle of University of Colombo
  • Sarasavi Sevana


Establishment of Student Societies

All Student Societies are governed in accordance with their respective Constitutions. When new office bearers are elected at the Annual General Meeting or subsequent meeting, their names have to be notified to the Senior Student Counsellor’s Office and the Senior Assistant Registrar, Welfare within one week of the meeting. It is hoped that these societies will work according to an annual activity plan. These societies have the power to raise funds for their activities. It is hoped that all money raised will be put in the bank accounts set aside for that society. All financial dealings must be presented at the AGM and these must be ratified. A copy of this document then has to be sent to the Senior Student Counsellor’s Office and the Senior Assistant Registrar, Welfare. To ensure honesty and transparency in financial dealings, these account/s will from time to time be audited by the Accounts Branch.

Based on the recommendations of the student members, an academic staff member will be nominated by the Vice Chancellor as the Senior Treasurer. This individual will take the responsibility for the Society in question.

Season Tickets

During the last two days of a month and the first two days of the month, season tickets are issued. These are issued at Student Centre and at the Science Faculty.

Student Councils/Unions

The 1979 University Amendment Act introduced the formation of Student Councils/Unions for each faculty. These are to be elected by the students themselves through calling for nominations for the annual elections. The full responsibility for this is with the Deans of the respective faculties. These unions are given the right to nominate students for positions without going through an election.
Students can be nominated for the following positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, Junior Treasurer, Organizer, Office Bearers and representatives from each year.
The Student Union consists of representatives of each faculty student council/union. The Senior Student Counsellor acts as the officer in charge of nominations. Funds are provided by the University for these councils/unions. Financial matters are under the preview of the Senior Treasurer appointed by the Vice Chancellor.

Sports Facilities

The Physical Education Unit has been set up to develop student skills in sports. This unit is at the top floor of the Student Centre (i.e., the GYM).
All undergraduate students are members of the united sports society. Therefore, every student has the right to make use of the facilities offered by the Physical Education Unit.
The Acting Sports Director is Mrs. K.S.S. Gunasekera. There are also three physical education advisers.

This unit provides the necessary facilities and training to play Badminton, Volleyball, Football, Elle, Tennis, Basketball, Hockey, Netball, Swimming, Table Tennis, Weight lifting, Cricket, Rowing, Rugger, Wrestling, Chess, and Athletics.   

Entry to University Premises

The University premises are open for students only from 6.00 am onwards.

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Student Awards & Prizes

Awards and prizes presented to eligible students who have completed their University education

  • The Student of the year award
  • The D.P.P. Samarasekera Peace Prize
  • The Canekeratne Prize for General Merit

This prize is limited to student who receive First or Second Class Upper Division in a Special Degree from any Faculty.

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