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Career Guidance Unit

The Career Guidance Unit provides guidance and training for undergraduates and graduates to enhance their employability. The Unit interacts closely with private and state sector organizations to identify possible employment opportunities for our graduates.

Student Identity Cards

The Student Counsellor’s Office issues student identity cards that have to be kept with students all the time. It is illegal to enter the University without the Students identity card. This card is essential for entrance, to use the library, to obtain student (financial) assistance such as Mahapola, hostel, and other grants/scholarships from different societies. It is vital to have this ID card when sitting the examinations. Students must be able to present their ID card at anytime if a lecturer, Marshall or a security guard requests. If this ID is lost, the Student Counsellors' Office will issue a temporary ID card, valid for three weeks. This temporary ID card can only be extended thrice (i.e., three times only). In order to get a new (permanent) ID card, the student must go to the Police station and make an entry of the loss. This second ID card will be issued only with a copy of this police report and will be in a different color (in white) from the original. The degree certificate can only be issued after relinquishing/handing the ID card. Therefore, it is imperative that this ID be kept safe for the duration of the undergraduate life. If the card is transferred or another’s card is in your possession, it is a punishable act. If such an illegal act occurs, the ID card is revoked/made invalid for duration of three months.

Marshal Office

Marshals have been appointed to assist the authorities to maintain discipline within the University premises. Marshals will intervene in instances of misconduct and breakdown of law and order and they have to report to Police or relevant university authorities specially to Senior Student Counsellor. They are duty-bound to intervene in any indiscipline or misconduct within university premises and at hostels. Mr. H. Satharasinghe, a lawyer is the Deputy Chief Marshal.

Notice Boards

Notice Boards provide all information on University matters. Therefore students are advised to read them attentively. There is a special notice board in front of the Student Councellor’s Office that is set aside for person notices of the undergraduates. In addition to these, there are notice boards for students’ general notices. However, permission of the Senior Student Counsellor at the Counsellors' Office is required for any notice to be placed on there notice boards.

It is prohibited to deface the walls and trees with posters and notices. All the notices that are placed without the permission of Student Councellor’s Office will be removed immediately.

Entry to University Premises

The University premises are open for students only from 6.00am onwards. Unless with expressed permission from the Vice Chancellor or the Registrar, students cannot remain in the premises after 6.00pm.

Cultural Programmes

The objective of cultural programmes is to provide undergraduates with opportunities for skill development in diverse aesthetic fields. Therefore, every Monday, under the patronage of the Arts Council, classical plays/drama, movies, musical events, and exhibitions will be held. Under these programmes, drama workshops, music and dancing classes will also be organized.

In addition to this, there is a Cultural Centre near the Old Library Building (OLB) under the patronage of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs. Different cultural programmes, workshops, and training session are conducted by the University Arts Council.

Computer Training

Student Career Guidance Unit of the University of Colombo undertakes to provide undergraduates with extra computer training. Other than this, for a nominal sum, the Student Career Guidance Unit provides students of the Faculties of Arts and Law – in their computer labs – with extra courses to advance their knowledge.

Library Facilities

The University of Colombo library system consists of the Central Library and faculty libraries. The Library, Faculty of Medicine is at Kynsey Road and the Library, Faculty of Science is at Thurstan Road. The Central or Main Library is situated in a five storied building between the Law Faculty Building Complex and the Arts Faculty Building Complex. The library contains books and periodicals in Humanities, Education, Law, Management, and Social Sciences. The main entrance to the library is facing the Reid Avenue. In addition to these, there are departmental libraries.

Library Hours

Weekdays (Term/Semester period)

8.30am – 7.00pm

Weekends (Term/Semester period)

8.30am – 7.00pm

Vacation period – with no examinations

8.30am – 7.00pm

Library is closed on all public holidays

Use of Library

  1. Lending books can be borrowed only between 8.30am and 4.30pm. Books are lent only for a duration of two weeks
  2. Certain reference books which are meant for reference (the books contain Blue Colour “R”) can be taken out only from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm in weekdays and from 8.30 to 6.30 in weekends and must be returned on or before 9.45am of the following day.
  3. Permanent reference books (the books contain Red Colour “R”) cannot be borrowed.
    1. Overdue lending books: the charges are Rs. 5.00 per day for not returning. For Blue Colour Reference books which must be returned on or before 9.00am, the overdue fine is Rs. 10.00 per day.



The University of Colombo has a number of hostels to house university undergraduate students.

Blomfontein Men's Hostel [Male]
176, Norris Canal Road,
Colombo – 8.
Tel. 011-2691789
Dr. Malik Samarasinghe, Dept. of Surgery

De Saram Place Women's Hostel,
220, De Saram Place,
Colombo - 10.
Tel. 011-2681121
Dr.(Ms.) P. Saputantri, Dept. of Plant Science

Kittyakara Men's Hostel [Male]
87, Ananda Rajakaruna Mawatha,
Colombo - 10.
Tel. 011-2681728
Dr. Sandagomi Coparahewa, Dept. of Sinhala

Bullers Lane Women's Hostel, [Female]
No. 37/15, Bullers Lane 
Colombo - 10
Tel. 011-2508222
Dr. M. R. Wijesinghe, Dept. of Zoology

De Saram Place Women’s Hostel [Male]
No. 215, De Saram Place,
Colombo 10.
Dr. Sri Ranganathan, Dept. of

Muttiah Road Women's Hostel [Female]
40, Muttiah Rd., Colombo 02.
Tel. 011-2304393
Mrs. Jeeva Niriella, Faculty of Law.

Havelock Road Women's Hostel [Female]                                               
90, Havelock Road,  Colombo 5.
Tel. 011-2508223
Dr. C. D. Wijeratne, Dept. of Chemistry.

Hostel for Buddhist Monks
71/3, 71/4, Greenpath, Colombo 07. Tel. 0113150577
Rev. Dr. M.  Dhammajothi, Dept. of Sinhala (Pali & Buddhist Studies)

Nawinna Hotel [Female]
No. 445/1, Colombo Road,
Nawinna, Maharagama
Tel. 011-2804748

Boralesgamuwa Student House (Female) 290/2, Maharagama Road, Boralesgamuwa.

Rajagiriya Student House (Male) 107/12, Rajagiriya Road,

Kirulapana Student House (Male) 47, Mahinda Place, Off High level Road, Nugegoda.

Hostel Facilities

Any student whose parents’ annual income does not exceed Rs. 100,000/- and whose home lies over 30km from the University of Colombo and students with special needs can request access to hostel facilities. Students with physical and other disabilities can also request hostel facilities.

A senior member of the academic staff acts as the warden of each hostel. Other than this individual, where need arises, the Vice Chancellor can appoint a non-residential Academic sub-warden to assist. A residential sub-warden is in charge of the day-to-day concerns. Any issues faced by students whilst in the hostel must be reported to the residential sub-warden.

Resident students are members of the hostel committee. The cleanliness and health aspects as well as the maintenance of discipline are the responsibility of the students. It is hoped that in an atmosphere of friendliness would prevail to assist education.

In student welfare and discipline issues, the non-residential sub-warden/s would assist the warden, residential sub-warden. If students act in an unacceptable manner with regard to discipline, their hostel facilities can be suspended. It is a grave wrong to stay in a hostel illegally or to threaten and force students from hostels or to threaten in any form. Students must inform of any problems faced by students to the warden, residential and/or non-residential sub-warden.

Students cannot remain in the hostels during student vacation when examinations are not being held, unless carrying out research. Students can return when semester begins again. Unless prior approval is granted, all female students in their respective hostels must return to their hostels at 8.30 p.m.

Student Medical Services

The University Health Services have been organized to assist students of the University to lead an active and healthy life free of mental and physical diseases. This service is provided free of charge to students. The Health Centre is near the New Arts Theater (NAT) at Reid Avenue. There is a Chief Medical Officer and two other doctors.

  1. Senior Medical Officer: Dr. K. D. I. Wasudeva
  2. Dentist: Dr. D. Edirawickrama
  3. Two Public Health Inspectors
  4. One Nursing staff member and a nurse to assist in dental matters.

On weekdays the Centre is open from 8.30 a.m. to 3.45 p.m. The dental facility is available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon.

Medical Examinations

Medical Examination is an essential part of the registration procedure for students and attendance at this examination is compulsory. Students are informed individually of the date that they should present themselves for this examination. In case any serious illness - medical, physical or mental - comes to light at this examination, students will be directed to the University Clinics for treatment.


On occasions when it becomes necessary, the University, Health Centres will arrange for vaccination against tuberculosis typhoid and other diseases. In case a student needs to receive any vaccination, he or she is advised to contact the staff of the Health Centre.

Medical Counseling

The University Medical Officers are trained in counselling. Students should meet them and discuss their personal health problems and if further help is needed from psychiatrists or psychologists, students will be directed to the relevant University Clinics. Student Counsellors provide counselling of a non-medical nature and they may also be consulted in case of need.

Laboratory Testing Facilities

Basic Laboratory testing facilities for all University students and staff are available in the Medical Center at Reid Avenue.


The University Health Service is responsible for the maintenance of the environmental health within the University premises. A Senior Public Health Inspector in charge of this field is on the University staff. University employees in canteens, restaurants and student hostels are also medically examined periodically to ensure that they are healthy and not carriers of disease.

Medical Certificates

Any student, who is unable to attend classes due to an illness, should inform the University Medical Officer of such illness, within two weeks of falling ill. A student is free to consult any Government Medical Officer or a Consultant during an illness, but a Medical Certificate issued by the Government Medical Officer or Consultant should be forwarded to the University through the University Medical Officer.

Illness during University Examinations

Any student, who is unable to sit an examination due to an illness, should meet the University Medical Officer at one of the Medical Centers. If the student is too ill to travel to the Medical Centre, he or she should inform the University Medical Officer of this fact and the Medical Officer may arrange to visit the student. Students living in Colombo should meet UMO for treatment.  If the student is living outside Colombo and is unfit to travel to the Medical Centre, he or she should submit a medical certificate from the nearest District Medical Officer (D.M.O.) or Medical Officer of Health (M.O.H.) to the Senior Assistant Registrar/ Examinations through the University Medical Officer within one week of the examination.

If and when necessary, the University Medical Officer will arrange a Medical Board to consider a request for medical leave by a student.

Entry to University Premises

The University premises are open for students only from 6.00 am onwards.

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Student Awards & Prizes

Awards and prizes presented to eligible students who have completed their University education

  • The Student of the year award
  • The D.P.P. Samarasekera Peace Prize
  • The Canekeratne Prize for General Merit

This prize is limited to student who receive First or Second Class Upper Division in a Special Degree from any Faculty.

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