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It is essential that any trip organized by students include a male and female academic staff member. Information on all such trips must be given to the Senior Student Counsellor’s Office two days prior to the trip. Any trip that would result in hostel students arriving later than 8.30pm would require written permission. The written permission must be forwarded through the Senior Student Counsellor’s Office to the residential sub-warden. This has to be done prior to the trip.

It is possible to provide special telephone numbers for parents/guardians in the event when there is a delay in returning to the University. This service is provided under the guidance of the Student Counsellors. Such trips cannot be organized without the expressed permission of the University.

Career Guidance workshop for the Undergraduates

The Senior Student Counselors' Office and Career Guidance Unit of the University of Colombo organized the Career Guidance Workshop with the collaboration of the Department of Manpower and Employment of the Ministry Productivity Promotion, for the Undergraduates of the University of Colombo. The program was held on the 09th, 10th and 11th October 2014, at the Auditorium of the Department o Economics, Faculty of Arts, University of Colombo.

As the main organizers, the Student Counselors' Office would like to mention that the program was a great success due to your expertise in guiding and training. The program was designed for three days and the schedule was designed to accommodate all the activities with professional training for the undergraduates. The trainers were Career Guidance Officers; Mrs. B.G. Thushari Anuruddhika, Mr. Priyantha Wijegunasekara, Mrs. D.W.D.E. Randeniya, Mr. Aruna Wijesekara and Mrs. Anuisiya Puveendran of the Department of Manpower and Employment, Ministry of Productivity Promotion. The programe ended with the certificate presentation and talent show. The students performed showcasing the talents and evening was a colourful event. The final certificate presentation was proceeded by the Vice-Chancelor, Dr. W K Hirimburegama, Mr. K.D.N. Ranjith Asoka, Director General, Ms. Madhavi Gunawardhana, Director, Department of Manpower and Employment, Ministry of Productivity Promotion, Dr. U.P.P. Serasinghe, Senior Student Counselor and Prof. Lasantha Manawadu, Director, Career Guidance Unit, University of Colombo.

The participation of 38 students and the support from the University staff was highly appreciated. The experience gained at the program would definitely enhance the prospective employability and the personalities of all the participants.

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Reopening of the “Thelawala Residency” for girls

“Thelawala Residency” has been a University of Colombo property since 1996. This was allocated as a boy’s hostel until 2010, and then the building was abandoned due to Internal issues connected with misbehavior of some students mislead by few passed out former residents having selfish agendas, and affiliations to destructive parties as well as Flooding due to low ground water level of the area. The present Vice Chancellor Dr Kumara Hirimburegama took initiative to fully renovate the building and arranged the patronage of Sri Lanka Army through the Commander Major General Daya Ratnayake. Under the Coordination of Mr Indrajith Aponsu, Senior Lecturer, Department of Economics, University of Colombo, the construction work flourished as per the requirements prescribed by the Vice Chancellor under his direct supervision and guidance. The work was completed to have a state of the art residential complex with the latest amenities. Other than the infrastructure facilities steps were taken to make arrangements with the Sri Lanka Transportation Board to allocate a special bus service for the hostel where the students could travel safely to and from the University. The massive three story building with its landscaped gardens were designed to create a homely atmosphere for the students in the concrete city. Half of the building was converted to a girl’s residency and the facilities were upgraded to higher quality and safety for the young undergraduates who were in the first year at the Faculty of Arts, University of Colombo.

The Sri Lanka Army played a commendable and a committed service without any cost to the University while University provided all material requirements and other logistics on time. The renovation/construction work which spread over a year displayed a very successful team-work of University group lead by the Vice- Chancellor and Sri Lanka Army troops lead by colonel Gunasekera. University team consisted of Mr. Aponsu, Registrar, Bursar, Maintenance Engineer and his staff, supplies staff and the Senior Student Counselor. Nearly, 200 soldiers work under excellent coordinator, Colonel Gunasekara, Supervised by Captain Chandani, Lieutenant Duminda and Lieutenant Janith in this project. Some components were done by private contractors and they also worked as members of the construction team. The whole project was orchestrated and fine tuned with the expertise of the Architect Dr. Upendra Rajapakse.

The registration of students was held on 27th , 28th , and 29th August,2014 with the guidance of the Registrar, Mr. K. A. S. Edward, Senior Student Counselor, Dr. U. P. P. Serasinghe and Dr. Y. A. Widyalankara, the Warden, there Academic Sub Wardens, and two permanent Sub Wardens Ms. Bandar and Mr. Jothi, supported by the technical person Roshan. On 30th of August, 2014 the premises was opened for student's residence.

With the patronage of the Vice Chancellor, there were workshops conducted to initiate the students into the new residency. The International Aviation Academy of the Sri Lankan Airlines conducted a full day training program and a workshop on developing interview skills on 30th August,2014.

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Thelawala Hostel Project Before Innovation

Pirith Ceremony at the Thelawala Girls’ Residency

On the 01st September, 2014 a Pirith ceremony was conducted by Ven. Pallewela Chandrananda Theo from Swarnamalee Viharaya, Thelewala. This was held to evoke blessings to the new building of Thelawala Hostel and to the staff and students and also to the war heroes of the nation. We believe it is our responsibility and this was the best moment to show our gratitude to the Sri Lanka Army who actually supported to refurbish the entire hostel building by providing their labour, technical assistance and the knowledge. The Vice Chancellor, University of Colombo, Major General Milinda Peiris, Vice Chancellor, Kothalawala Defense University, Dr. U P P Serasinghe, Senior Student Counselor, Mr. K A S Edward, Registrar, Mrs. W Jayasooriya, Bursar, the wardens, the hostellers and members of the University staff attended this ceremony.

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Music Therapy program at the Thelawala Girls’ Residency

A special program on music therapy was held on 10th September, 2014 at the common lobby of the Thelawala Hostel. The Program was organized by Prof. Manawadu, Director from the Career Guidance Unit of the University of Colombo and Mr. D.M. Karunadasa, Permanent Student Councellor, Faculty of Arts. The resource person was Mr. Prasanna Kamalasiri Perera, former Lecturer of the Department of Mathematics. Vice Chancellor, Dr. W K Hirimburegama, Registrar Mr. K A S Edward, Senior Student Counselor, Dr. U P P Serasinghe, Chairman, Arts Council, Mr. R M Dissanayake attended this Program and was highly impressed with the performances. These events were organized to enhance the unity, quality and the standards of the students, Thelewala Hostel.

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Entry to University Premises

The University premises are open for students only from 6.00 am onwards.

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Student Awards & Prizes

Awards and prizes presented to eligible students who have completed their University education

  • The Student of the year award
  • The D.P.P. Samarasekera Peace Prize
  • The Canekeratne Prize for General Merit

This prize is limited to student who receive First or Second Class Upper Division in a Special Degree from any Faculty.

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