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The Student Counsellors' Office comprises the following individuals appointed by the Vice Chancellor. There are 53 Student Counsellors who are working  under the guidance of the  Senior Student Counsellor. These permanent and temporary Student Counsellors are selected from Academic staff representing all Faculties and eight Marshals. They are responsible for student welfare and discipline.

Other than the above Student Counsellors there is a Special Counsellor, Rev. Agalakada Sirisumana, Head, Department of Sinhala, appointed by the Vice Chancellor to advice on the welfare and other matters relating to the Buddhist monks. There are facilities provided in the Student Counsellors' Office for the Buddhist monk to meet the Rev. Sirisumana

The Senior Student Counsellor has to answer to the Vice Chancellor regarding the maintenance of student discipline.

The following tasks are undertaken by the Office of the Student Counsellor: issuing of identity cards; allocation of permission of lecture halls for extra-curricular activities of students such as get-togethers, and meetings; issuing of permits for trips, display posters and cut-outs; providing temporary hostel facilities; assisting students facing emergencies; hold special language classes for students; and most importantly, to intervene and take necessary action with regard to student conflicts, within the University and outside and to stop acts of and take steps to prevent ragging.  However, it is vital to emphasize that the main service of this office is to counsel students.

Padma Priyadharshani - Senior Staff Assistant
W.L. Karunaratne - Clark
A.W.A.S.S. Perera - Office Assistant

Entry to University Premises

The University premises are open for students only from 6.00 am onwards.

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