Open Solo singing competition for Staff Members

Open Solo singing competition for Staff Members

Adding a bit of colour to a rather monochromatic life every now and then is an important affair for everyone. Hence, with the view of refining the physical and mental well-being of its members of staff with the involvement of the soothing comfort of aesthetics, a solo singing competition has been organized for the Academic and Non-Academic staff of the Faculties, Institutes, and the Sri Palee campus of the University of Colombo.

This competition will be held in 3 consecutive rounds and the grand finale is tentatively scheduled to be held in December 2022.

The competition is divided into two categories.

  • Category 1 – Academic, Academic Support, and Administrative staff
  • Category 2 – Non Academic/ Casual/Contract/Assignment basis staff

The First, Second, and Third places will be awarded separately for the above two categories. Amateur singers are highly encouraged to apply for the competition as applications of professionally qualified singers with Visharad qualifications etc will not be entertained.

  • First round – Vocals only (without microphone)
  • Second round – Microphone will be provided with a 3-piece band
  • Grand Finale – With an Orchestra

The panel of Judges will be invited from outside of the University. And the decision of the panel of judges will be the final.

Deadline for applications: 17th October 2022 3.00 PM

  Download Application  

Applications also could be collected from the Rector/Dean’s/Director’s office of the Faculties and Institutes and Duly filled applications should be submitted to the Student and Staff Affairs Division of UOC through the Heads of the Departments before the deadline.

LDGG De Silva
Assistant Registrar
Student and staff affairs