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MSc. in Medical Toxicology


Self poisoning and snake bites are major clinical problems in the developing world. In some countries, the field of medical toxicology has developed into a sub speciality while in the developing world, where medical toxicology is more relevant, the training is limited to few lectures at undergraduate level. At present, medical toxicology is rapidly expanding field of science which epitomizes the need to continuously update the knowledge of practising doctors in these countries.

Recognizing the need for a programme to improve the knowledge, attitude and practice of medical toxicology in the developing world, the Speciality Board in Medical Toxicology under the patronage of Board of Study in Multidisciplinary Study Courses will conduct the training programme and the examinations leading to the Master of Science degree in Medical Toxicology at the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine.

The trainee should be able to:

  • Develop an understanding of the mechanism of toxicity
  • Impart knowledge in relation to managing specific conditions related to toxicology and toxinology.
  • Understand the broader social and regulatory context in relation to toxicology 5 Prospectus – MSc in Medical Toxicology Postgraduate Institute of Medicine – University of Colombo
  • Develop the ability to critically appraise medical literature and evidence in the practice of toxicology and toxinology.
  • Form the basic knowledge in order to facilitate further learning in the field of clinical toxicology.
  • Inculcate self directed learning and evidence based practices among the trainees.

The candidate shall have a medical degree registrable with the Sri Lanka Medical Council and one year of clinical experience after internship. In the case of non-resident applicants, they shall have a medical degree registrable with the Medical Council or equivalent statutory body in their country of qualification and one year of clinical experience after internship.

The candidates are expected to be competent in basic computer skills and should be able to organize facilities to participate in the online course. The PGIM will not undertake training of candidates in relation to basic computer skills. A workshop would be held in order to give training necessary to interact with the online learning platform (Moodle).

Candidates shall be selected for training, based on a qualifying entrance examination which consist of 40 Multiple Choice Questions (True / False type) derived from basic pharmacology, basic physiology, basic toxicology and general medicine.

Maximum of 30 candidates among those who obtain more than 50% in the qualifying exam shall be selected for training and maximum of 5 overseas candidates who obtain more than 50% would be accommodated on supernumerary basis.

E-Diploma in Agro-Technology


The Institute offer Diploma in Agro-technology which opens pathway to pursue higher education to the farming community without barriers of age, distance, time and academic background.

This is the first ever on-line diploma programme for farmers in Sri Lanka. This Diploma introduces knowledge based agriculture to the rural farming community. This would give students recognitions as well as economic benefits.

This diploma program offers the opportunity to young farming community to work ICT and engage with on-line learning to face globalization.


Open and distance learning method

  • Provide an opportunity for young farmers to pursue their higher education in Agro-technology.
  • Opening a path to access modern technology to the Rural community.
  • Provide an opportunity to engage in education while being engaged in their profession.
  • Opening new avenues to the rural farming community to engage in Knowledge based agriculture and agribusiness.
  • Finally all these improvements will help to improve socio-economy of the rural sector in Sri Lanka.

The diploma in Agro-technology has eight certificate courses with the duration of three months for each certificate course. They are;

  • Crop husbandry
  • Horticulture and new application in agriculture
  • Crop protection
  • Irrigation technology
  • Post harvest technology
  • Food technology
  • Floriculture
  • Agro business management

The Institute of Agro-technology and Rural Sciences of the University of Colombo at Weligatta, Hambantota, was commenced the programme in 2009. Currently there are 250 students with 03 batches.

Students representing most of the districts throughout the country follow this program and we can proudly look at the past with the success of the programme.

Announcements of programmes of study are made through the press and other news media. Enrolments are open to any person engaged in employment/ self employment in the field of agriculture or agri-business.

  • G.C.E. O/L with 7 year experience in agriculture field


  • G.C.E. A/L with 5 year experience in agriculture field

Weligatta New Town,





E-Diploma in Human Rights


The objective of the Course is to provide an opportunity to study human rights to those whose activities will have a positive impact on the promotion and protection of Rights or those who wish to pursue a career in the promotion and protection of Rights. The course is primarily for those who have not had an opportunity of obtaining a structured understanding of human rights issues.

Those who are engaged in Human Rights and development activities / Serving in the Forces / School Leavers/ Those who want to develop a career in the field of human rights / wish to obtain a structured understanding of human rights issues.

The following areas will be covered in the programme.

  • Philosophical Foundation of the Concept of Human Rights
  • Historical Evolution of Human Rights
  • Modern Law of Human Rights
  • National, International and Regional Protection of Human Rights
  • Group Rights
  • Protection of Human Rights during Armed Conflict situations
  • New Challenges to the Protection of Human Rights
  1. GCE A/L with relevant English language competency (Credit for A/L General English OR Credit for O/L English OR equivalent English Language qualifications)
  2. GCE O/L with relevant English language competency (Credit for O/L English OR equivalent English Language qualifications) AND either additional educational qualifications OR relevant work experience.
  3. Obtained equivalent qualifications including English language competency

One year

Continuous Assessment and a written Examination.

Local Students: Rs.35,000/=

Applications can be downloaded or can be obtained from the Centre for the Study of Human Rights, University of Colombo.

Completed Applications and certificates should be submitted along with the paying voucher of the non refundable application fee of Rs.250/- to be paid to any branch of the People’s Bank, in favour of  ‘University of Colombo – Main Collection Account’ to AC No: 335022200003

Applications along with copies of certificates can be submitted by post or hand delivered to the following:

The Director, Centre for the Study of Human Rights,
Faculty of Law, University of Colombo,
94 Cumarathunga Munidasa Mawatha, Colombo 03Tel : 011 2500879/2503017, Fax : 011 2598462

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Diploma in Business English

The Diploma in Business English is a one year programme which is conducted on a blended mode with both on-line and face-to-face interactive learning opportunities. This offers the opportunity for the participants to earn a qualification that will add value to their professional life.

This programme enables the participants to experience on-line learning which will equip them not only with language skills but also with IT skills.

The primary objective of the programme is to enable the participants to gain confidence and a good working knowledge of English particularly when

  • Expressing themselves at conferences and meetings
  • Making presentations
  • Dealing with customers
  • Writing business letters & proposals
  • Carrying out work related activities confidently

The Diploma in Business English will be for those
Who are ?

  • Seeking employment
  • Already in employment in both the public and corporate sectors
  • Ready to venture out into self-employment
  • Engaged in higher studies
  • Wishing to enhance their language competencies

Each course will cover the components of reading, writing , listening, speaking and grammar.

Course Titles
  • Mastering the Social Graces in the Business World
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Leadership and Team Building
  • Cultural Diversity and Tourism
  • Meetings, Interviews and Negotiations
  • Public Speaking and Presentations
  • Business Writing
  • Marketing and Advertising for a Changing World
  • Finance and Banking
Duration: One year
  • Course Assignments
  • An Oral Presentation
  • A Project Proposal
  • A Final Written Paper

Candidates who are successful at all of the above will be awarded the Diploma from the University of Colombo

  • Pass at the Selection Test or
  • Pass in the Certificate in Business English Advanced Level, University of Colombo
  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Be above 18 years of age
Diploma in Business English
English Language Teaching Unit
University of Colombo.
Telephone :- 011 2584200
Fax :- 011 2506705
E-mail :-