Notice: For the attention of all members of staff & Students

Notice: For the attention of all members of staff & Students

Curfew has been imposed by the Government in Minuwangoda and Divulapitiya areas Until further notice due to the identification of a Covid-19 patient. Students and staff are strictly advised to adhere to the health and safety guidelines of the Ministry of Health to ensure COVID 19 free university.

Accordingly, You are hereby reminded once again to adhere to the following.

  1. Wash your hands before entering the university premises and assist the security personnel to check your temperature at the entry points of the university. Please wear a mask every time in the university premises
  2. If you have any COVID 19 symptoms such as cough/ high temperature or any other ailments please contact UMO/Government Hospital for medical advice and do not come to the university premises
  3. Please maintain the social distance all the time specially at the hostels, classrooms, and canteens
  4. Wash your hands with sanitizer/soap frequently when you leaving/entering one place to another place in the university premises and do not touch your face unnecessarily.
  5. Regularly sanitize the surface of the Classes/hostels/Equipment /Furniture
  6. To adhere any other Rules and Regulations/Guidelines imposed by the authorities

University of Colombo

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