Innovation grants for projects using online research literature

There are thousands of online journals and books available to INASP’s partner consortia, representing the very best and latest in scientific research and information. Consortia accessing online literature (electronic resources) through INASP have comparable collections to institutions in the USA and Europe.

Despite this, evidence suggests that in many institutions this access does not translate into online literature usage. Failure to use the most up to date research will have multiple negative effects on an institution, potentially impacting on: the careers of its academics; teaching quality; departmental reputation; levels of funding; student enrolment; international recognition; likelihood of getting papers published.

INASP works to provide access to online literature because we believe that access to the best information leads to strong research, better teaching and learning, and ultimately national and international development. Some institutions and researchers have been able to make better use of these resources than others, so INASP would like to contribute modest funding to projects in which the use of online resources is shown to support your teaching and research. These projects and approaches might be different for different groups: researchers, students, lecturers, policy-makers, departments.

You tell us

Do you have a project you are working on? What contribution has access to the necessary literature made (or what could it make) towards the project? Have you found ways to improve access to online books and journals so that people are using them more? Do you have an innovative idea of how you might increase online research literature usage? Perhaps within your research group, your lecture class, academics in your department; or in collaboration with local civil society organizations, government departments or communities.

Tell us about your project and tell us what practical barriers are being faced and overcome in accessing online journals and books. Come up with a practical plan of action – how are you going to find what you need to make your work a success? How are you going to make your project or department stand out?

Your first stop might well be your librarian – they know better than anyone in your organization what online books and journals are available. A strong working relationship will be a huge step in helping you make your research stronger, and up-to-date.

Before you apply

Talk to your librarian, and any other potential collaborators.
Identify the barriers to using online books and journals in your organization or field.
Make a start on identifying some electronic literature you and others will use in the project – include these in your proposal.

What are we looking for?

Innovative projects that make use of, and encourage use of, available online research literature, whether books or journals or both.
These could be: research projects, evidence-based development projects, collaborations with librarians in reaching students, new ways to use of literature to support teaching or many other options. We are open to a range of proposals.
This call is open to individuals, institutions or organisations in INASP focus countries as listed at

How to apply

Send an application of no more than 5 pages, which should include overall goals and objectives, proposed activities, project lead, project monitoring and evaluation and budget to This call will be open to 31st December 2015, but applications can be submitted at any time. We will consider the merits of each application and respond to the applicant within 30 days of receiving it.