Announcement of course Commencement: CTHE Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education (CTHE) – 2021

Announcement of course Commencement: CTHE Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education (CTHE) – 2021

The Staff Development Centre (SDC) is pleased to announce the commencement of its twenty-fourth Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education (CTHE) course. This internationally accredited CTHE course will be conducted from March to December 2021. The course embodies best practices in teaching and learning currently practiced worldwide and is intended for newly recruited permanent academic staff of Sri Lankan universities.

This CTHE course is recognised by the UGC as an induction programme satisfying the mandatory requirements to be fulfilled by probationary academics. During the past, many senior academics have also followed the course because of its benefits to them personally, and to the university system. The course has received an excellent feedback rating from participants as well as from overseas expert reviewers. The course is the only such internationally benchmarked course in Sri Lanka and its accreditation aligns with values and outcomes of the Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA) of UK. SEDA, at each review of the course by its international accreditors from UK, as part of the procedure for reviewing / renewing its accreditation, has commented very highly on the standards and attainments of the course. During the course, seventeen weekday workshops will be conducted either at the University of Colombo or via an online platform and participants are required to design and implement new teaching and learning-related activities based on Learning Agreements, undertake reflective self-development activities, and engage in considerable reading. Assessment of the course is based on active workshop participation, a seminar presentation and a Portfolio that participants produce while following the course to evidence how changed teaching practices were implemented to become an effective teacher and academic. The Portfolio is written in English and requires CTHE participants to be proficient in English. The External Examiner of the Course is a Professor of Higher Education from a foreign university. Participants have to be involved in HE ‘teaching’ to pass the CTHE.

In the past, the course has attracted more applicants than the number we would effectively accommodate. This year also, over 30 academics have already expressed their desire to follow the course. Therefore, we strongly urge intending participants to send in early applications using the prescribed Application Form that is attached, which gives certain details and requirements needed to follow the CTHE course. The accompanying questionnaire should also be sent along with the Application Form. It is used to identify course participants’ requirements better and hence applicants should fill it on their own, i.e. without anyone’s help. The completed Application Form and questionnaire should be received by the SDC no later than 18th December 2020. Selected participants will be e-mailed by 18th January 2020. Fees, as shown in the Application Form, can be paid at the SDC by cash/cheque from 25thto 29th January 2021, after being informed of their selection.

Closing date is 18th December 2020 and places are limited.

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Further details can be obtained from the Staff Development Centre