In terms of Sections 115 and 116 of the Universities Act No.16 of 1978, as amended the recognition of Student Societies and other Associations of students in the University shall be made with the approval of the Council. During the year under review, twenty six (26) such Students’ Societies and other Associations used functioning in the University.

Steps to form a Students’ Society

A Senior Treasurer would be appointed to every Student Society on the recommendation of the Dean and Head of the Department concerned (where relevant)with the approval of the Vice-Chancellor.

The Constitution and the proposal with regard to the formation of a society should be recommended by the Senior Student Counsellor.

The proposed constitution would be tabled before the Deans Committee when they are received with the observation of the Dean and the Faculty Board of the respective Faculty where the society has an operational link. The Constitution shall be approved by the Council.

If the society is not limited in its scope to a particular Faculty or Department, the membership should be open to all students of the University of Colombo.

List of the Student Societies

♦ Science Society
♦ Medical Students Hindu Society
♦ Medical Students Welfare Society
♦ Computer Science Society
♦ Stat Circle Student Society
♦ Tamil Society
♦ History Society
♦ Sociology Student Society
♦ Botanical Society
♦ Chemical Society
♦ Physics Society
♦ Core Group for Disaster Relief, Faculty of Medicine
♦ Muslim Majlis Student Society
♦ Medical Students Buddhist Society
♦ Eksath Bikku Sangamaya
♦ University of Colombo Christian Fellowship
♦ Association of Wild Life & Photography Stu. Society, Faculty of Medicine
♦ Knowledge Circle, Faculty of Medicine
♦ Epsilon-Delta Society
♦ Buddhist Brotherhood Society
♦ Art Society, Faculty of Medicine
♦ Gaveshakayo
♦ The Moor Court & Debating Society
♦ Sinhala Sangamaya
♦ Catholic Students’ Society
♦ Hindu Society