The University provides hostel accommodation for its undergraduate students for their whole academic career under the selection criteria. Presently, the University is managing seven (07) hostels on its own and three (06) rented out houses.


Hostel Admission

Students from the families in the lower income group and from distant residences are given preference. Rs.2,000/- is charged as the hostel fee for an academic year and Rs.1,000/- is charged as a hostel admission fee with effect from the new intake of 2010/2011 academic year.


A Senior Member of the Academic Staff is appointed as the Warden and he/she is responsible for the disciplinary matters in hostels under the guidance and control of the Vice-Chancellor.

Sub - Warden

A Resident Fulltime Sub-Warden resides in each hostel.

Disciplinary Action

Students against whom disciplinary action has been taken shall forfeit all rights to hostel accommodation.

Detailed Information of University Hostels/Rented out Houses

Applications are called for hostel facilities for academic year 2011/2012 (Sinhala | English)